Hello. I'm a member of Contra Project Team and I'm mainly a mapmaker.

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2 comments by ThePredatorBG on Dec 11th, 2011

C&C Generals 2 has been announced!

2014 Edit: LOL

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0 comments by ThePredatorBG on Nov 13th, 2011

Take a look at a mod I am working for. Contra.

Contra is a freeware modification (or simply - mod) for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real time strategy game. This mod adds over 100 new units as well as new upgrades, new general's powers, buildings and 3 new generals. New music, maps, quality graphics and sounds for normal Zero Hour units are added too.
Contra adds 3 new generals - 1 on each side, and also changes all existing generals in C&C Generals: Zero Hour.
Contra is skirmish/multiplayer mod.

Visit the modification's Moddb page: Moddb.com

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1 comment by ThePredatorBG on Jun 21st, 2010

First, hello to all!
I'm working on a MOD for Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour. It will change the game's strings and it will be a translate MOD from English to Bulgarian. It's intended for Bulgarian players.
This is a screenshot of the changed menu buttons. I'll try to translate everything I can.

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