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Now, since I`m completly and utterly bored I shall write this article about some stuff that has happaned over the last few days/weeks that I have found either funny or just plain weird.

1) Snake Bites Ma-, oh wait... No... Man bites Snake???
David Senk, a 54 year old American male, was arrested today for an "unprovoked attack". On a Snake. *sigh*... This guy apparently has no recollection of the attack, claiming he was completly drunk (well, you would have to have at least be a bit drunk to bite a snake O.o) and that he had "blacked out" and the he "flet like hell". The Police have witnesses, a man and women (the owners of the snake) "Senk had just taken two large bites out of their python when they let him hold the snake." The Snake mesures about 3-4 feet in length, and is getting treatment at a vet. Senk states that "I not too fond of snakes (but) I try not to bite them." Good man! He "tries not to bite them"! People...

2)Public Enemy Number 1 in Germany has been Captured!!! Her name? Yvonne the... What? Yvonne the Cow? O.o?
Public Enemy number one, Yvonne the Cow, escaped in May, and was involved with a hit and run on a Police Car. Luckily, being a Cow, the Policeman in question managed to dodge Yvonne. Knowing that she was going to go to prison, she ran and hid on the Forest, an outlaw to the rest of thw world... Local Authorities branded Yvonne as a "public danger" and urged people to report the Yvonne the moment they saw her. The German newspaper also joint in on the search, offering a total of 10,000 Euros (about 8,000+ Pounds) for finding the animal. But she has recently been found by a local farmer and his daughter, who alerted the authorities and who quickly arrived and after a massive fire fight tranquilized Yvonne and put her away for life. (I might have exagerated in this one... :D).

More to come folks! (If I can be bothered...). Stay tuned next time on "Weird and Random News from all over the World!", brought to you by the one and only: Ten10di!!!! Woot!!! *sigh* Bored...

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LMAO keep em comin

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Quiet you, but yeah, these are hilarious

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