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This story isn`t cannon at all, just something I thought of whilst playing JA (many of the battles were fought in JA to for fun and so I can imagine them better, placement, how important people die ect.). This shall follow a Jedi Padawan named Ran who shall be searching for Master Ak`Rash. Complain about something like "theres no sound in space" and I`ll personally oversee your destruction. Only kidding. Or am I?

Jedi Master Ak`Rash went missing 5 days ago near Yaga Minor. The Republic sent out a search party along with the Jedi Padawan Ran, Ak`Rash`s Aprentice. Many Jedi have gone missing recently without any trace. Ran knew that his Master was probably dead, but he did not know what could of killed him. Pirates? The Imperial Remnant? Unlikely. But whatever did kill him shall be brought to justice.

Ran walked onto the bridge of "The Dominator", an Alliance dreadnaught, and asked the Captain if he had found anything. The Captain replied that nothing had come up on the scanners, but was then interrupted by a Lieutenant. Ran advanced towards the hologram emmiter which was now showing Yaga Minor and any Space Stations around it. He was about to ask the Captain if he had asked any of the Stations if they had seen anything suspicious but then a siren sounded.

"What the hell is happening! Where did that come from!" yelled the Captain as he looked out into Space.

"What?" Ran asked, he then followed the Captains eyes and saw an Imperial dreadnaught just as it opened fire.

"Battle positions! Ryan!" Shouted the Captain as he rushed towards the hologram emmiter, which now was showing the blueprints of the Imperial Dreadnaught in one area and on the other it was showing the Space around us. Ran could see The Dominator and the Imperial Dreadnaught represented by 2 rectangles. He could also see the nearby asteroid field.

"Sir!" Replied Ryan. Ryan was second in command of the Ship and had served with the Captain for over 4 years now.

"Ryan, get a message through to command. The Imperial Remnant has got a base in the sector! They wouldn`t position a Dreadnaught in the Sector without a reason!" The Captain then ordered one of the Lieutenants to divert all power to front deflector shields. He then turned towards Ran.

"You need to get to the Hanger and lead an assult on that Dreadnaught. I`ll lend you my boarding squads led by Captain Narn, now go!" The Captain then turnt away and ordered Ryan to "Send that damned message before they destroy our communications array!". Ran rushed to the bridge door and then heard an exploision. "Direct hit! Damn it! All power to front deflector shields NOW! We can ho-." He couldn`t hear anymore for he had exited the bridge and was on my way to the Hanger. He heard many explosions and saw men running to their stations. When he finnaly arrived to the Hanger he saw about 30 men rushing towards the drop ship.

"Jedi! Get in here quick!" Ran ran towards the drop ship and got in, he then sat down and asked the captain what the plan was.

"What do you mean? We go in their and shoot us some damned stormys! Thats always the plan!" He said whilst chuckling. The other soldiers laughed as the engines started.

"You know what Jedi? You can go kill that Imperial Captain whilst we hold the Hanger! It`ll save us having to do it!" More laughter broke out as Ran heard lasers being fired.

Was he scared? Definatly. He heard the sound of Tie Fighters going past us, probably trying to shoot them down. Ten minutes later, although it felt like 10 hours later, the ship landed and the doors opened. Ran turnt his lightsaber on whilst the Republic soldiers rushed out and took cover. He saw the Republic captain take out a blaster pistol and shoot 3 stormtroopers with 3 shots. Ran was the target of most of the laser fire but managed to deflect most if it with his saber. After 15 minutes of "fire, fire, fire, cover, reload, fire fire fire" the Republic soldiers managed to secure the Hanger. Ran then ran towards the door leading to the Bridge. Thankfully this Dreadnaught had the same design as the The Dominator. He encountered security on more than one occaison but dispatched them with ease. As he advanced towards the bridge he felt something. He stumbled and fell to the ground. Something had happened... Something... Strange. He dismissed it for now and opened the bridge door. He saw imperial officers rushing around like crazy. One of them saw him and screamed in terror. Ran advanced towards the Captain, killing all those who stood in his way. But the Captain had managed to escape. Everyone was dead on the bridge now. Ran locked the doors and searched for the Captain. Then a laser flew past Rans shoulder. Ran turnt around and pulled the pistol out of the imperial captains hand.

"Foolish Jedi!!! You have walked right into our trap! There is no escape for you now!" The Captain shouted with joy. He then looked behind me and looked puzzled. "Where are your soldiers?" He asked, as the confusion turnt into fear.

"They decided to wait in the Hanger, why?" Ran asked as he walked towards the captain.

"But, but... This wasn`t supposed to happen! He, he... He said that... He said that I would live! He... He... I don-" The Captain was obviously scared as hell, but as he finished talking something strange happened. Ran stumbled again, feeling that strange sensation. He saw the Captain fall aswell, but sensed that the Captain was dead. The strange feeling passed and Ran walked over to the Captain. He`s face was twisted, a horrible thing to see. Burns, cuts, blood, everything you could possibly imagine was on his face. But above all was he`s fear. You could see it in his eyes. He knew what was going to happen to him. Ran turnt his back and walked out of the bridge, still trying to find out what had happened.

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