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Most of the locations/regiments/chapters/commanders ect. are fannon. This is based off of Warhammer 40K, and tells the story of the 113th Karksin, from the Karksin Imperial Regiment.

Night had fallen over the city of Haraz, but the fires were still raging all around. The city had come under attack just a few hours ago by a force of Ork Raiders. It was the fourth time they had attacked, but this one was definatly the most devastating. They had come out of the mist, shouting their war cries. The Imperial Guardsmen had held out, but the city had been toren apart and most of the civilian population had been killed. If it hadn`t been for Sergeant Darias and his squad, who flanked the Ork force and threw grenade after grenade at them, the whole 113th would have been destroyed. Unfortunatly, Darias and his men has been killed, but they had held their position long enough for the 113th to advance down the streets and push the Orks out. Now, darkness had invaded the city and silence reigned supreme.

Most of the 113th were asleep, but their Commander, Commander Rex Laris, was wide awake. He was thinking over his situation, a situation no Commander would ever want to be in. The Ork ambush last week had depleted their forces seriously, and they were in need of munitions. Any day now they would be attacked, though by what he did not know. He had set up a series of outposts, leaving 3 squads of Imperial Guardsmen at each. In all, 14 outposts had been set up. Nine of them were not responding to the constant attempt to contact them. The other four weren`t going to last long either. He had to move his troops out of the city quickly before whatever was coming attacked. He scanned the map of the immediate area over and over again, and dismayed when he realised that his only option was to get to the nearby hill, officially known as Hill 256, but nicknamed "Hells Gates" by the local population, and with good reason to. Hill 256 was situated right on the border of Ork territory, and was the easiest route the Orks could take to get to the nearby major cities. Although Commander Rex knew that taking Hill 256 and holding it until word could get out to local Imperial Forces for reinforcements would be hard, maybe even impossible, it was his only option. Any other route would take them into the surrounding Forests, and the Orks would ambush them at will, not to mention whatever was attacking the Outposts.

Knowing what had to be done, he immediatly went to awake Commisar Pairn, Sergeant Major Haris, Priest Junx and Lieutenant Garn. The four of them and himself formed the Command Squad of the 113th, and they had been the Command Squad for nearly a decade. Upon awakning them he told them of his plans, with which he recieved diverse opinions.

"That would be pure suicide, sir! Half the men would be lost on the way there, and the other half lost taking the damn thing! Can`t we just stay here, dig in, and wait for reinforcements?" Said Sergeant Haris upon hearing Commander Laris`s plan. "We would have more of an advantage here agaisnt the Orks then attacking their own hill!"

Rex was just about to reply to the Sergeant, but Commisar Pairn spoke before him.

"You fail to see the gravity of the situation, Sergeant. Staying here would allow our enemy to chose when, how and from where he attacks. Not to mention the foe advancing from the North, who is taking out our Outposts one by one. We would stand a far better chance on the hill, where we can see from all directions, not to mention our communication array would function better up there."

The Commisar stopped talking, his face as calm as always. He looked around, the others considering his words. Finnaly, after a few minutes silence, Lieutenant Garn spoke out.

"Look, we can`t stand here all day talking about what we are to do. If we are to go to Hill 256, we need to get the troops ready and marching in less then an hour. What are we doing, Commander? Are we going or staying?"

Everyone in the room layed eyes in Commander Laris, waiting for his response. The Commander was thinking it through, and finnaly made his decision.

"Sergeant Major, get the troops ready. We march before the hours up"

"Yes Sir! But I sti-" Replied Sergeant Haris, but before he could finish his sentance gunfire was heard.

The Commander rushed to the window of the building he was in, and saw his men rushing around like mad. He shouted down to one of the Sergeants and asked him what was going on. The sergeant replied that "Those damn orks are attacking again". The sergeant dissapeared, going to form his squad up and help repel the Ork forces.

"What is it?" Asked Priest Junx, who had remained quiet throughout the conversation.

"Orks, and by the looks of it, these ones mean real buisness. Sergeant Major, get to the Southern defenses and pull troops from their. Get them here ASAP. The rest of you, follow me. We`ve got some orks to kill" Ordered the Commander, rushing out the door as soon as he had finished speaking.

Rushing outside, his blade out, he witnessed a scene he had seen many times before. Complete chaos. Guardsmen were running all over the place, trying to get to a safe firing distance. Orks were brining down their axes and swords on any poor souls who wern`t quick enough. The Commander quickly engaged an ork, dispatching him with ease. Turning around, he saw another ork charging at him, shouting his war cry. The Commander quickly stepped out of the way with only a moment to spare, and slashed at the orks back, taking out his las-pistol and shooting him a couple of times. Turning back to the battle, he saw the Commisar shouting at the Guardsmen to "Fight like the men you are! Fight for the Emperor of Mankind! Fight or Die like Cowards!". The Priest, taking out his large chain saw, was sawing through the ork`s ranks, killing them one by one. The Lieutenant was rushing towards the Commander, and they both turned to the main ork force. By now, the Guardsmen has got to a safe firing distance and began pouring las fire onto the orks ranks. The Orks fell from the sheer amount of fire, but they quickly took cover behind large buildings and ruins. They threw explosives over at the guardsmen positions, killing many of them. Orks with shootas came around the corner, flanking two Guardsmen squads and killing them near instantly. A heavy weapons team had set up their heavy bolters inside the city hall, in the city center, pouring insane amounts of fire onto the Ork force.

It seemed like the Guardsmen would win, most of them had entrenched themselves near the city center, the HWT covering them from the numerous charging orks. As long as that heavy bolter was firing, no ork would get close to the Imperial Guardsmen. But then the tide of the battle changed, the orks had managed to get one of their "Looted Tanks" up into the city, and began pushing Imperial Forces right back into the city center. When the Tank arrived, it aimed and fired at the main hall, demolishing a large part of it. The HWT quickly packed up and tried to leave, but another shell smashed into the building, killing them. The Commander knew that if that tank stayed up and running, they would lose. He nodded at the Lieutenant, who then rushed forward, dispatching any orks in his way. The Commander cut his way to a Guardsmen squad, and immediatly took a grenade from the Sergeant. He threw it to the Lieutanant, who by now was nearing the tank. The Orks, not bothering with the Lieutanant when there were hundreds of Guardsmen to kill, didn`t notice the Lieutanant catch the grenade. One of the Orks tried to stop him, but was quickly torn to pieces when the Commander picked up a las rifle from a fallen Guardsmen and started covering the Lieutanant with it, ordering the squad he was next to to do the same. The Lieutanant jumped up onto the tank, crawled over to the barrel and poped the grenade in it.

"OI! Whats dat hummie doin to mah tank?" The hatch opened, revealing a mekboy. The Lieutanant quickly swung his blade, killing the mekboy instantly. He then jumped off, and started to run back to the Commanders position.

"EY! DAT HUMMIE KILLED DA MEKY! Turn da damn barrel around, ya gitz.! SHOOT DAT HUMMIE!"

The Lieutanant didn`t see it, but he knew that the Tank had fired thanks to the massive exploison that caused him to hurtle forward, right into the wall of a nearby building. He got up and quickly put himself behind cover.

As for the Orks, the result of the exploision wasn`t a mere jump forward. Anyone near the rank had been blown to bits, and thankfully the Tank had been at the center of the main Ork force, killing many of them. The nearby Guardsmen cheered and charged into the remanants of the Ork force, butchering them remaning orks. Although the city center was secure and a small victory had been gained, the same was not true in the rest of the city.

The Guardsmen ranks were depleting, and it was not looking good. The Commander, finishing off a squad of orks who thought pillaging the munition dump was a good idea, turned around and saw a large ork crushing a guardsmen sergeant agaisnt a wall, destroying the wall and killing the guardsmen instantly. The Ork, preusmably the Warboss, saw the Commander and rushed towards him, shouting out his war cry.


The Commander readied himself, knowing that, even though he was a veteran of many battles, no one could stop an ork when charging. The Ork continued on his charge, swining his large axe wildly over his head. The Commander took his las pistol, aimed, and fired to no effect. He continued shooting whilst backing away. The Ork was getting closer, and closer, and closer. It brought its axe down onto the Commander position and...

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And you told me you were too impatient to write xD It's nice to see other people posting heir fan-fics on here. This one is pretty good ;)

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Ten10dix Author

Heh heh, well, lets just call it "inspiration" xD. I was thinking how cool a Warhammer 40K RP would be, and from there I got this lol.

Just updated btw, at the start I repeated "killed of" like, 4 times lol. Plus added more of the battle in.

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