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Posted by Ten10dix on Nov 16th, 2011





Greetings, I see that you have found one of my holocrons, and even managed to open it! Bravo! You must have great wisdom, that or dumb luck. In this Holocron, I shall explain my venture into the Unknown Regions after the end of the Sith Golden Age. Don`t worry though, you won`t live long enough to tell anyone of this...

Knowing full well that the Jedi were rising, and that the Mandalorians had enough trouble on their hands to fund my "projects", I went into the Unknown Regions along with my own fleet. I encountered many beings and discovered many planets, though only a few events are recorded in this holocron. My first destination was Korriban, before the Mandalorians conquered it. I needed to recover some artifacts of mine hidden in the Accademy. The following is from the recordings of the Sith Accademy Secutriy Cameras...

*Two Sith Soldiers stand by a door. A Sith Student is talking to one of the Sith Masters nearby. The door opens. The Sith Master looks up and sees a Dark Figure, smirking at him. The Dark Figure then speaks:

"I`m back"

The Sith Master`s face fulls itself with fear, and he immediatly reaches for his lightsaber. The Sith Solder collaspe on the floor, their cause of Death unknown. The Sith Student is sent flying into a wall, and a Lightsaber smashes into his chest. The Sith Master rushes towards the Dark Figure, the latter of which takes another lightsaber from his belt and duels with the Sith. The duel lasted around a minute, until finnaly the Dark Figure had had enough of playing and used Memory Walk to make the Sith go mad, until finnaly putting him out of his misery with a clean blow to the head. The Dark Figure then looks around, and calls into his portable communication device.

"We`re a go"

The Dark Figure looks up, and sees the camera. He has a rather amused look on his face, and proceeds to shock the camera with lightning. The last images we see are more dark figures entering the Accademy, using red lightsabers as weapons...*

The first planet I visisted was named "Ossertion", and was a barren wasteland. In orbit I sensed a huge power, a sort of scream. A call for help? A trap? Or simply the Darkness whispering to the weak, trying to make them go mad? I did not know, and still do not know. Whatever it is though, it attracted the attention of many rogue Sith. I landed on the planets largest settlement, and was greeted by blaster fire. I returned the welcome using the Force to break the necks of the people firing at me. I was then jumped by two Force Users, not Sith, nor Jedi. Probably just some rogues looking for primitive settlements and making out that they are Gods. I sent the first one flying into a nearby building whilst I grabbed the second one, jumped up far into the air, covered my hands in lightning (causing massive pain) and slammed him straight into the ground. The first rogue saw what happenend and tried to run. I insist on the word "tried". Suffice to say he was later found disfigured, with is head at least five meters away form his body. I explored the planet extenvisly, but found nothing that could resemble a "Great Presence in the Force". It was most likely coming from the planet itself, and not from an artifact on it. I marked the planets coordinantes on my datapad, so as to be sure not to lose it, and continued on my travels.

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