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Posted by Ten10dix on Jun 22nd, 2011

As I was returning to the Accademy on Korriban, I saw 3 Republic frigates. They seemed to be jaming my sensors and radio.
"Not more Republic commandos" I said whilst trying to reastablish communications with the sith. Then my ship shook violently. They had me. A tractor beam was pulling my ship near the frigates. The largest one and therefore the flagship opened it`s hangers. My ship was pulled inside and I waited. The hanger door closed and I could see Republic troops rushing towards my ships, their guns drawn. I took my lightsaber and opened the ship door.
"Freeze!" shouted one of the troopers. I choked him and threw him into 2 other troopers. I then used the force to throw containers at the troopers. Then I jumpe onto the ceiling and bounced right back down at them. Two of the troopers died when I slashed my blade at them as I touched the ground. Three more were killed when I used the Dark side to form bolts of pure hatred and drove them mad. The rest ran away. I advanced confidently towards the main door. I forced it open with the force and was greeted with a hail of laster fire. I force pulled the metal plates of the walls to form a sheild, and advanced unharmed towards the troops. Then I force pushed the metal plates at them and rushed at them with my lightsaber and dispatched them easily. "Retreat to the bridge, protect the general!" an officer shouted. I choked him to death and slammed him into the wall. I stepped over the troopers I`d electrocuted a few seconds ago and advanced towards the bridge. I sensed something. A jedi. No. Three jedi. I blasted the bridge door open with the force and turnt my lightsaber on. I could see a jedi meditating on the floor and two others speaking with a republic admiral. I slammed the guards at the door into each other and stepped over their bodys. "You aren`t welcome here sith!" the youngest jedi shouted. "Calm down" said the other jedi, who i presumed was the master. "Hmm, Admiral, let me look into your mind..." I used the force to unlock his thoughts. Since I am still an aprentice, I didn`t get far, but I did manage to find out what they were doing here. "A suprise attack, very clever jedi. Unfortenly, I shall have to kill you all." The meditating jedi was using battle meditation and had to be killed before the rest of their fleet arrived. I advanced towards her raised my blade. Then I was slammed into the wall by the jedi master. He came at me and raised his lightsaber, ready to strike. I blocked his attack then swang my saber to attack his waist. He jumped back and while he jumped I force pushed him into the wall. The youngling was charging at me now. "No! Go back! NO!" The jedi master watched as I electrocuted the youngling, plucked him off the ground and stabbed him. The Admiral tried to stop the jedi master from going mad. "LET ME KILL HIM!, HE CAN`T OF KILLED THE YOUNGLING! NO!" the jedi charged at me. His mind was clouded. He was now weak. I electrocuted him and slammed him into the wall three times. The admiral tried to calm the jedi master down. And then something unexpected happened. The jedi stabbed the admiral in the heart with his saber and charged at me. I laughed. "Look what you have done jedi!". He looked backed. He realised he was turning. He used his saber to break the thick glass that seperated the bridge from space and jumped. The ray shields activated. Two jedi down, one to go. This jedi was in deep meditation and I simply stabbed her. She fell and died. Then the fleet arrived. I used this ships turbolaser batteries to target the republic fleet`s new flagship. It`s shields were down and were recharging. I could see the lasers penetrating the hull. After two minutes the ship went down. The rest of the fleet came after me. I sent out a message to the sith fleet and they arrived 30 minuted later to find the ship i was on crippled. I had went into deep mediation and used my anger and hate to form a dark shield around the ship whilst the turbolasers were reprogrammed to fire on all republic ships. When the sith found me I was near death. I had severly weakned myself. It was only a tempory weakness though and I was back on my feet in under 2 weeks. The Republic fleet was decimated.

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~Avenger~ Jun 25 2011 says:

Hehe I Consider that battle more of a republic victory than a sith victory, I lost about a forth of my attackin force, the sith- 100% of their force, just to let you know: REPUBLIC RECOVERY- 400% You must have targeted a decoy ship cause my flag ship is in mint condition. For every hamer head that went down 8 leviathans went down too. If it wasnt for thrawn, Korriban would be in ruins...

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Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix Jun 25 2011 replied:

Erm, when the sith fleet arrived you had gone... You lost 3 hammerhead cruisers (one I boarded, you other flagship and another one before you retreated)

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Darth^Xerstorung Jun 27 2011 says:

Excellent tale my friend! I admire your creativity and ability to tell a story.

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