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SurfSolar Aug 2 2013, 8:10am replied:

They can be and develop entirely how you behave in the game with your gameplay choices :)

+3 votes     media: Hidden factory
SurfSolar Jul 17 2013, 3:44pm replied:

It's still in development, don't worry. :) It just slowed a bit down due to real life issues and the lack of time. But I will complete it eventually, no matter what happens. Too much time spent on it already. ;)

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SurfSolar Feb 14 2013, 11:43am says:

Is the water animated or static? Looking really good!

+1 vote     media: Xianbei Tomb
SurfSolar Feb 14 2013, 11:39am says:

Looking and sounding extremely nice, eagerly putting my eyes on this!

+4 votes     mod: The Tangut Prophecy
SurfSolar Sep 29 2012, 10:32pm replied:

Hey rusek1, no, the project isn't dead. ;) I simply had a lot of real life issues going on lately that I couldn't pursue the development of the demo and ultimatively the whole game. I sincerely hope people aren't discouraged by the lack of updates lately, I hope that I will have more time during the colder upcoming months, I always get more creative and productive during these times. :)

+3 votes     mod: What Remains
SurfSolar Jun 8 2012, 9:55pm replied:

Animated water is done by putting scenery animations (white lines that move) over the water tiles.

For the "Walking in water" we are still working on it, it will basically fade away the bottom part of the body so you dont see the legs moving. Same effect we want to use for walking in snow, so you can see footsteps in there etc. If we have it done, I will send you a message rusek.

+1 vote     media: First concepts of the Swamps
SurfSolar Jun 8 2012, 9:52pm replied:

At the moment, we are just three guys, I am doing all the dialogues, quests, worldbuilding, new graphics generation and so on, my friend is helping me with the portraits, does the 3d character models and manages the files, and so on. Then I have some friends who help me developing and fleshing out strories for new bonus quest areas, so the game becomes bigger and has more content.

+2 votes     media: Dumbass Trio in the Abyss
SurfSolar May 31 2012, 6:35am replied:

We are working on them right now. :)

+1 vote     media: First concepts of the Swamps
SurfSolar May 31 2012, 6:33am says:

Yes, you can walk behind the buildings through the alleys and streets - you will see your characters-

+1 vote     media: Detroit Patrol
SurfSolar May 29 2012, 6:08pm replied:

Yes, but not in the way people might expect it. Will be a nice surprise. :P

+4 votes     media: Prototype...
SurfSolar May 28 2012, 12:57am says:

There will ofcourse be no Vault 13 citizens in What Remains. ;)

+4 votes     media: A safe haven
SurfSolar May 27 2012, 9:36pm says:

I have accidently uploaded the lower resolution of this one, here you can find the real one - sorry!

+2 votes     media: First concepts of the Swamps
SurfSolar May 6 2012, 9:56pm replied:

I am not sure why you'd want to port Baldur's Gate (a game relying on a completely different ruleset and gamesystem) that HAS already a multiplayermode to the FOnline engine? ;)

+1 vote     media: A chase through the woods
SurfSolar May 3 2012, 9:46am replied:

I will upload a demo with 3 of these bigger maps to test, aswell as the ne companion system and some combat tweaks. Give it 3-4 weeks and it will be read I hope. :)

+1 vote     mod: What Remains
SurfSolar Apr 27 2012, 4:25pm replied:

Both, kinda. :) I first edit the rendered objects in photoshop to get a general feel of how I want the map to look like, then I export every single layer (trees, objects etc) in single .png files and export them into the mapper as seperate objects.

The ground tiles I just export the entire picture like seen on the picture, no need to cut it down to hundreds of smaller tiles. ;)

+2 votes     media: A chase through the woods
SurfSolar Feb 19 2012, 5:30pm replied:

Thanks AudioGhostX ! I usually create a small heightmap in a 3d program first and experiment with ground textures. When I am fine with a texture combination I found, I "draw" soil, snow or those paths you can see there on it in photoshop. Then I look at the existing Fallout scenery art and look which ones could be added to the "scene". When I am done with this, I render new stuff (the trees, grass or this container you can see there) and draw shadows in Photoshop manually. Then I export the map into lots of smaller images, import it into my mapper tool and implement text descriptions and such to the objects I place. Most time consuming thing is always to cut the images and import it to my tools. =)

+4 votes     media: Snowy Wasteland #2
SurfSolar Jan 13 2012, 8:52pm replied:

Thank you Shadowkiller91234567 - I am proud that my silly little game has evoked the urge in you to install the old classics, that makes glad! :)
As for the Bethesda Boards, I am not sure. I'd be glad when more people know about my game, but I think most of them know only Fallout 3 and will get disappointed by my game, being very similar to Fallout 1 and 2. Plus, I am not registred there and wouldn't know where to post it. :<

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SurfSolar Jan 13 2012, 8:48pm replied:


+2 votes     mod: What Remains
SurfSolar Dec 17 2011, 10:56am replied:

Haha, I've just read about the Dogman, that indeed is a cool idea. :D Any more regional-only suggestions (Michigan/Wisconsin-ites) may have - always send it to me. ;)

+2 votes     mod: What Remains
SurfSolar Jul 6 2011, 1:20am says:

Yep, exactly.

+2 votes     media: Message Input Device
SurfSolar Jun 29 2011, 9:15am replied:

Yup, as others pointed out, the controls are almost the same as in FO1/2, although there are some improved mechanics for easier accesibility and hotkeys here and there. If you didn't like the controls in the original titles, then you'll have a hard time here too unfortunately. Although, I think it's not that hard to learn. ;)

+2 votes     mod: What Remains
SurfSolar May 23 2011, 6:07pm says:

Even though you don't update this page that often anymore - tracking. ;)

+1 vote     mod: Mutants Rising
SurfSolar May 23 2011, 5:54pm replied:

There's gonna flow a plenty of water down the mississipi till the game is done, so you've got enough time to improve your translation skills if you want to help. ;P

+2 votes     media: Screenshot #2
SurfSolar May 23 2011, 5:52pm replied:

Yep, it is basing on a 3d model. ;) Only thing which needs to be done is to create a pixelisation shader for the critters, as they stand out too much to the enviroment and are looking too "smooth".

+2 votes     media: New Armortype in Detail
SurfSolar May 23 2011, 10:45am replied:

Thanks! Yes, I've added another picture so you can see the armor model a bit better.

As for the translation - it will get released in english first, but I don't think that anything speaks against a german translation later on. ;)

+2 votes     media: Screenshot #2
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