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Slums 2

Mod review

A nice, simple and fun series of maps that reinvent the horror aesthetic in Half-Life 2 with both Zombies and Combine setups. Certainly a charm to explore such well made, isolating environments that do indeed create mood when playing. Well done! Look forward to the remake.


COD4: "Rooftops" Campaign

Mod review

Brilliant mod, has a lot of great aspects to it that no doubt took a lot of effort to put together.

The variety of action and objectives keeps the gameplay interesting and consistent with the Modern Warfare campaign in design, I really did admire how there was switching of characters within one mission, changed up the perspective and is an idea I have always wanted to play with when modding the CoD franchise. Good choice to also include music from the other games in the trilogy, suited it well.

One note I found was with the sliding script; I found myself not using it so much and when I wished to sprint over to cover and crouch, as I commonly do, I found that the script caused more frustration than utility. Could this have been implemented at certain points rather? And say have it as an animation, so that the player's view is somewhat clamped and can also use your weapon / side arm. This is just my view of it, I can see it otherwise adding to the action and pacing of the mod.

The level design itself could have used with a little more open-ness as experienced commonly in the Modern Warfare campaign, giving some alternate routes would break up the seemingly repetitive combat particularly experienced in the Square towards the end.

Overall terrific work, great use of video cutscenes to keep it engaging and seamless when the next level loads, and I find the characters have a lot of depth to them, the voice acting was quite decent.

I do hope to see more of this / a sequel.

What other games would you consider creating campaigns for?


Black Mesa

Mod review

Brilliant, I was astonished by the amount of detail and complexity within each level and the dialogue was very well done. Of course, there is always room for improvement in a few areas but overall it was a fantastic experience, and quite professional in my opinion. I will also mention that I was quite shocked when you announced that you where going to release the modification, I simply said in my mind 'I'd never thought I would ever see the day' Good work and many thanks for this gorgeous product.


Timeline Series

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