I have been part of a number of mods and indie games as a 3D artist, and concept developer. Please check out my page at ArtStation for an overview of the range of work I do: www.artstation.com/artist/tonyindindoli Most of my experience is in low-poly assets for RTS or turn based strategy games, or suitable assets for iOS/Android

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spyVspy Apr 2 2015 says:

I like the name, looking good

+2 votes   news: Setting fire to the seas, Media update
spyVspy Mar 25 2015 says:

I love that you are preserving not only Generals gameplay, but also the artstyle (with improvement), great work!

+3 votes   mod: Command And Conquer : Generals Evolution
spyVspy Jan 3 2013 replied:

Right, the Katusha would be a little too old for even Soviet Union era surplus buying countries

+5 votes   media: Happy Katusha - Libyan rebel army
spyVspy Jun 5 2011 says:

Happy to see C&CG at #5 on the most popular games list today.

+2 votes   game: C&C Generals: Zero Hour
spyVspy Apr 7 2011 says:

very nice! both the concept, and the illustration style

+1 vote   media: Soviet heavy APC colored concept-art
spyVspy Mar 26 2011 says:

great composition

+1 vote   media: For the Soviet Union! poster colored version
spyVspy Mar 3 2011 says:

Kus does awesome artwork

+2 votes   media: Heavy Recon Concept Art
spyVspy Feb 28 2011 says:

As a graphics engine, Unity could be decent for an RTS client, but the networking code for realtime multiplayer is going to be a problem.

+2 votes   news: Unity and C&C Generals - community project by Martin Schultz
spyVspy Jan 18 2011 says:

Wake up, it's your turn! :P

+2 votes   news: Iron Grip: Marauders Has Launched
spyVspy Nov 24 2010 says:

looks at all these shady characters... now even Halo Wars is winding down into obscurity, so they say

+1 vote   news: Alive In Ostvale
spyVspy Jul 11 2010 says:

Congrats on releasing! glad I kept following, the screens look great.

+2 votes   news: News Update - 100709
spyVspy Jun 22 2010 replied:

I think it's a good move, the model quality and sketches are excellent, but the blonde w/ hair-style gives me the feel of "Mom's night at the pole dance school"

She also could use a Tramp Stamp.

+1 vote   news: Party of Sin: Design Evolution for Lust
spyVspy Jun 17 2010 says:

The Mort reminds me of the larva of a dragonfly, which are predatory but live underwater.

+1 vote   news: The Flagship Episode #2, a Giant Worm, and more!
spyVspy May 25 2010 replied:

I'm also a very big fan of Keith Thompson and his art for IG. I'm doing some additional concepts for this new game, and I hope I've been able to build on his vision of the IG Universe in a way you will appreciate.

+1 vote   media: The Flagship #1 - ISOTX Developer Blog
spyVspy Oct 3 2009 says:

I like the bits of environment props that are destroyed. I could see using destructive props like tanker trucks and gas stations to get extra kills when you shoot them. From this high POV, it would be sweet to see a blast wave FX wipe out every zombie in view when a gas storage tank blows up.

+1 vote   game: Zombie Driver
spyVspy Oct 3 2009 says:

I just saw the Zombie Driver debut trailer. It looks like a lot of fun, I will be checking that out for sure.

+1 vote   company: Exor Studios
spyVspy Aug 29 2009 replied:

Did you notice spam-bot posts were not being removed? The place had become unmanageable. Nobody wanted to deal with the admin work required to keep it going. Just died of neglect. Reset.

+1 vote   mod: Signal
spyVspy Aug 21 2009 replied:

what, you want it?

+1 vote   mod: Signal
spyVspy Jun 13 2009 says:

do this: right click view image

+1 vote   feature: The press is our chief ideological weapon
spyVspy May 24 2009 replied:

Human/AWSC infantry is the same, can't tell from zoom and low-res?
The Saiphan AI is not functional, so its just a Nod placeholder AI sending infantry.

+1 vote   mod: Signal
spyVspy May 22 2009 replied:

We slowed down, for reasons, but work is still going on.
C&C3 has a lot of details to code, art and animate.

+1 vote   mod: Signal
spyVspy Apr 26 2009 replied:

wow, the gobbed on clamps are very messy with the AK-74
does it hinge to the side so you can use the iron sights?

+1 vote   media: AK-74 In-game
spyVspy Feb 26 2009 replied:

@Krieg_91: both IDF Slings and GOI Outpost Trucks can drive to the control point then deploy, neither are required to be inside the build radius. The GOI has a separate buildable Outpost that serves as a barracks, that one is a structure not a unit.

+2 votes   download: Release Candidate One
spyVspy Feb 18 2009 replied:

no orbital bombardment, and no leaking the super secret superweapon this time :P

+1 vote   mod: Signal
spyVspy Feb 13 2009 says:

awesome work

+1 vote   news: Update #10
spyVspy Jul 28 2008 says:

I like the lighting and random feeling of the rock jumble, looks great. My only crit would be the wood platforms on the rock face might look better with some structural supports/posts. It would give you some more contrast in materials in the scene from this pov.

+1 vote   media: Red River Canyon
spyVspy Jul 10 2008 replied:

No, we didn't switch games again.

+1 vote   mod: Signal
spyVspy Jul 8 2008 replied:

It's around 1:30 to 1:40. You did catch it, the scene I tried to remake from Godwin's art.

Anybody else hate my revival 80's B-movie Sci-Fi end credits? :P

+1 vote   media: Asylum Teaser
spyVspy Jun 4 2008 replied:

That would be to see the other surface of the transparent objects. The build animation is only on screen for a few seconds. All you get is a glimpse of the holographic projection before the structure starts filling in.

+1 vote   news: Hearts and Minds
spyVspy Jun 3 2008 replied:

Overall building is much closer to a Generals style dozer system than a ConYard, but there are some differences.

+1 vote   news: Hearts and Minds
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