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Springheel Oct 29 2012 says:

Quite possibly the best TDM mission ever released.

+4 votes   news: The William Steele Campaign begins!
Springheel Oct 8 2012 replied:

Given that you've been banned for rabid verbal attacks on forum members four (or is it five?) times now, your comments there require moderator approval. None of your posts have been "censored".

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Springheel Dec 28 2011 replied:

They won't die from a single arrow to the knee, if that's what you mean.

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Springheel Dec 20 2011 says:

Those goblins look great!

+1 vote   media: News & Work In Progress - Late December 2011
Springheel Dec 20 2011 says:

A gift from The Dark Mod. :)

+2 votes   media: News & Work In Progress - Late December 2011
Springheel Dec 3 2011 replied:

The main issue isn't character models (though we do use several D3 heads, as well as zombie models that would have to be replaced). The problem is the sheer quantity of assets used, not only by the mod, but by individual maps. There are sounds, models, textures, plenty of animations, and particle effects, all of which would need high quality replacements.

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Springheel Jul 20 2011 replied:

"But, my main point of contention has been with the silliest thing of all: the undeniably unadulterated, sycophantic nonsense on display... "

Lol. Of course, everyone who disagrees with you MUST be lying. There's no other explanation.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion (even if you couldn't back it up with reasonable examples). But when you have to try and dismiss the opinions of virtually everyone else who disagrees with you (including some of the most popular TDM authors to date) as dishonest, well, that's telling.

Anyway, here's the complete thread of responses, along with the anonymous ratings (there's nothing like _anonymous_ sycophants). People can judge for themselves whether your characterization of the comments are accurate.

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Springheel Jul 12 2011 says:

"Simply put: This is the best mission TDM has been blessed with thus far. I was totally sucked in. Everything was perfect."

More "sycophantic nonsense", this time from Sotha, TDM's most prodigious mapper and author of fan favourites "The Transaction" and "Knighton Manor".

See the full post here:

+1 vote   news: "A Score to Settle" is Released!
Springheel Jul 7 2011 replied:

A: "It's really sad that you need to believe or pretend that this is some personal thing. "

When 95% of the people who have played the mission have nothing but positive things to say, and the one person who comes out attacking it has a history of rabid confrontation on our forums, I think it's a reasonable assumption.

Of course, I gave you the opportunity to defend your claim that the mission is "sloppy", has "poor design" and "a mess". Your first point, that going left creates a problem, is simply false. Let's examine the rest.

A: "you are also likely (and if you are a good thief) to enter into the place that has the conversation that (sloppily) "explains" the humiliation objective. This too, and how it makes a mess, has been pointed out to you."

Sorry, but this doesn't even make sense. That's what you're supposed to do. How does hearing a scripted conversation create "a mess"? Why don't YOU explain it, instead of pretending someone else already has?

A: "The hideout has a chandelier that you can extinguish the candles on... nifty... but to no effect. "

There's a chandelier that doesn't go out properly? My god, that's terrible. You're right, that totally ruins the mission.

A: "You can kill Sykes and it does not fail the mission"

If you can kill Sykes and not fail the mission, then that is indeed a bug. However, no one else has reported it, and we tested it during beta-testing without any problem.

So let's've got one light that doesn't work properly, a scripted conversation that works exactly like it's supposed to, and one isolated bug that has only affected you.

I'll leave it up to others to decide whether you effectively defended your claim or not.

+4 votes   news: "A Score to Settle" is Released!
Springheel Jul 7 2011 replied:

"And yep, you know damned well and have even expressly admitted that the the mission is likely to be a mess if you go west rather than east at that early point"

I know this is being fueled by your personal grudge, but try not to blatantly misrepresent what I said. What I "admitted" was that if you don't do the first objective first (the one that clearly says, "Do this first"), then the story might not make much sense. It has nothing to do with which direction you go.

"If you'd like me to go on about the many other flaws certainly I can."

Please do. I've never suggested the mission is perfect, but if you're going to make the claim that it is a "sloppy mission with a lot of failings" then you're going to have to back it up. Otherwise, people might, you know, just assume you have an axe to grind.

+2 votes   news: "A Score to Settle" is Released!
Springheel Jul 6 2011 says:

Well, let's see, the first four randomly posted reactions to the mission:

"Man that was a great FM, definitely one of the very best so far."
"Jaw dropping! Every aspect of it. "
"Might this be the best mission so far? It is just great. "
"Bottom Line: This is another mission that should be advertised on TTLG. Just show them some screenshots of the town... How could anyone *not* want to play it?"

I guess that's all "sycophantic nonsense" too.

" Problem is the way north is met immediately by an east or west road. 50% chance of going the wrong way and experiencing a mess."

There is no "going the wrong way". Either route can be taken to your first objective. The first objective says, "First, go to X". If you don't go to X first, then you're going to miss out on some backstory. Oooo, I guess that is a "stark and egregious failing".

If you're going to complain about something, at least get the facts straight.

+2 votes   news: "A Score to Settle" is Released!
Springheel Oct 29 2006 says:

And the award for pointless nitpicking goes to....

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