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ShadowHide's 2nd Dark Mod mission "Deceptive Shadows" has been released.

Posted by nbohr1more on Sep 18th, 2012

Deceptive Shadows

Deceptive Shadows Release Images

Deceptive Shadows Release Images

ShadowHide's 2nd mission
for The Dark Mod

"Deceptive Shadows" is released.

A well crafted offering sporting an unusual tale of "enchanted imprisonment" and wild use of colored lighting to evoke magical flora in a gloomy Builder complex.

Deceptive Shadows Release Images

Deceptive Shadows Release Images


As usual, I was out walking the streets looking for ways to unburden people of their
wealth when I spotted a builder walking an empty street.
His purse was full, as I was able to hear coins clinking from a distance.
I have plucked many a purse, but this time was different...
Somehow he knew that I was behind him, he spun around on the spot and
before I was able to make good my escape he hit me with his hammer.
I will never forget the events of that night...


Special thanks to:

Clearing for helping with ideas for puzzles and architecture.
Bikerdude for a voice acting,getting poor written readables in much
better shape and for allowing me to use and modify his custom particle

Chuzhoi for helping with editor.
Iz Quierda for voice acting.
Gore_Torn for voice acting.
Everyone who ever replied my DarkRadiant questions.

TIP: Try to not set up the alarm in very beginning to not miss the
interesting conversation (it's not really important, but anyway...)


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Mr.tibbs Sep 18 2012 says:

Great mission!

Thanks for the update nbohr1more. Do you have a rough estimate on when we can expect 1.08? Really looking forward to checking out the new features.

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nbohr1more Author
nbohr1more Sep 19 2012 says:

The road map shows that 1.08 is practically finished but one of the lead coders has been tied-up with outside obligations. It's hard to predict whether the rest of the team will wait for him to return or forge ahead with the release (and delay any of his big patches for 1.09). If I were a gambling man...

"there's a certain anniversary around the corner..."

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AidaKeeley Sep 19 2012 says:

This may be the first truly _excellent_ TDM mission.

Up until now I would say there have been a couple of others that were very, very good. And there have been some others that were quite good ones too: due credit, for sure, to TDM as a platform and the FMAs for their hard work as well...

But this one is a tour-de-force.

I actually haven't finished it yet, that's why I can only say "may be" as yet. And there _is_ a big bug (easily fixable, I'm sure, and in the meantime not a game-breaker... if you don't exploit it).

So impressive on so many levels.

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Azatoth027 Sep 21 2012 says:

Great atmospheric mission !

I'm stuck though...
I placed the ruby on the gargoyle and heard something heavy and made of rocks (possibly a wall) moving. I don't know what it did unlock though. Any hints ?

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Azatoth027 Sep 22 2012 replied:

Nevermind, I finished it.
This FM is my favorite now !

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AidaKeeley Sep 22 2012 says:

Well, just finished.

There is no doubt.

That is the best mission ever created for The Dark Mod.




Congratulations, thanks, haha, etc, ShadowHide.

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AidaKeeley Sep 22 2012 says:

Oh I'm being censored again over on the official forum... so I'll try and post about the big bug I found here I guess... but I see there is ~"no formatting -- only text" for these posts... but I also see that SolidSnake pulled off some spoilerproofing stuff in his post, which I would like to do for my "bug report"... how so?

I imagine the bug is well known because it is a _huge hole_, but just in case...

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AidaKeeley Sep 26 2012 says:

Well, well, well... the post that got censored at the official TDM forums was nothing more than the same sentiments as I posted above -- about what an excellent mission this is...

How petty. How very, very petty.

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Springheel Oct 8 2012 replied:

Given that you've been banned for rabid verbal attacks on forum members four (or is it five?) times now, your comments there require moderator approval. None of your posts have been "censored".

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AluminumHaste Oct 20 2012 replied:

LOL petty, that's rich coming from you. This mission is decent, a much better effort then his first mission, but still lacks basic things like a level ambient for one, it's either not there or set so low that the mission is almost entirely black.
It's also a key hunt mission which is not to everyone's liking.
I personally liked the mission, but would give it 3.5/5 maybe 4/5, definitely not the best mission ever.
I do hope Shadowhide continues to make maps and improve his techniques because he shows incredibly promise.

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nbohr1more Author
nbohr1more Sep 26 2012 says:

To my knowledge, the "censorship" is more of a change in the way account bans work. Posts are taken-out with some ban methods.

I certainly don't see why anyone would censor praise for the mission and there are others in the thread who have offered commendations...

I believe the general sentiment by "management" is that they would like you to stick around the forums but also would like you to curb your "bad behavior". Given your stance on "free speach, social politics, etc" I imagine this an irreconcilable difference...

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