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Spinobreaker Author

It was originally designed in the early days of the first Cylon war as a counterpart to the Columbia Class. It shares most of the columbias features except one thing. One of the flight pods has been replaced with a mass driver cannon. It is capable of harvesting asteroids and orbital junk and accelerate masses of up to 50,000 tines up to a speed of up to 20,000km/h. Its main weekness was that this huge cannon cost it a flight pod and sevearly decreased the ships speed when firing (since charging the cannon took up to five minutes, just like spooling ther FTL drive). A mass accelerated at that speed could easily break a basestar in half.

The downside was that the long reload times, that left the ship open to raiders. This is why it never made it into full production. It was used in several skirmished and the Cylon were so afraid of it that they attempted to destroy it with 10 base stars at the same time. At that point in the war that was most of the basestar and raider fleet. The cylons sent one basestar to attack Trevor, a small moon in the outer reaches of the colonies, knowing that the Hercules was less and one FTL jump away. The Hercules jumped in and quickly dispatched the one basestar, but then the nine others jumped in knowing that it would take a minimum of 4 minutes to spool the FTLs up after using the energy to shoot that round. The Columbia and Galactica were brought in to help assist Hercules. By the end of that skirmish the Hercules main cannon was damaged and five basestars were destroyed. Both Columbia and Galactica got out of the battle bruised but relatively undamaged. It was later called the battle of Trevor, and viewed as one of the key struggles in the war.

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Spinobreaker Author

The damage to Hercules cannon forced it out of the war. Before repairs could be finished the war ended, so instead of spend the money repairing the ship it was desiced that it would be de-comissioned. Later that year it was stripped for parts to help repair the Columbia fleet. The remaining parts were later melted down and used in the Valkyries hull.

Hope u like the story and the ship. Im hoping to put more detail in the gun, and the rest of the ship. Anyone who wants to use it in a story can, its all good.

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This is a design ive been thinking about for a while. Not sure if theres anything else out there similar.

Its based off the Columbia class hull. But it has a HUGE railgun on the side.

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