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SourceSeeker @ KWIP, A high res 1080p patch for KKnD2

if i would send you the german kknd2.exe or the whole german folder, could you try to rebuild your current v3 to add german support?
would be really cool,

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SourceSeeker @ KKnD2: Carnage - interface

A hour web search didnt produce any results, but reading the manual scored a hit. "RU" is short for "Resource Unit". In othes words, "RU" is the money currency in KKND2Krossfire, but that has already been obviously, see original homepage:


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SourceSeeker @ KKnD2: Carnage

Tests for version 1.10:

KKND2Krossfire version issues:
- WORKS: original english
- FAILS: original german

TCPIP Multiplayer desync:
- already after some minutes, regularly my friends & me have a completely different match!
(disabled fog, played with 4 human & 4 computers)

My friends & me liked this mod very much, but the regularly multiplayer desync is an absolute killer. If there comes out a new version in the future hopefully, we will instantly test it, but for now, it is just useful for singleplayer.

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SourceSeeker @ BZII Unofficial Expansion Pack

I just tried on and on and searched through the web after the meaning of 'Thug Recyclers' as this sounded glitchy to me ;)
Man! In fact so easy:
Choose a "MPI"-Map,
under "Map Options" on page 2 under "STARTING RECYCLER" set a Variant with Thug Recyclers, E.G. "The Jamsh MPI Variant - Thug Recyclers".
Start your sessions with friends!
While ingame you have to build a factory and choose "0 - Advanced" - "Thug Recycler". When finished building give it with CTRL + FX to an ally! Oh yay!!
And all those new posibilities with upgradable PowerPlants and so on...

Ok, and to not contravene against your words "Please report any and all bugs you find no matter how small in this thread, so we can work to fix them." This is my short "bug"-report:
1. Not enough people appreciate your marvelous work!
2. InGame, when I have selected an unit and give the command "HOLD" while the unit is moving, then the unit animation stopps immediately and it keeps straving in the direction it had I gave the command. Thats a bit annoying. Everytime I want a unit to hold, I have to w8 till it doesnt move anymore and first then the Hold-command works as it should work.
and at the end:
3. Remember the main reason which caused me to write here: In my opinion there has to be a detailed documentation which is currently completely missing.

With these word...
Thank you so much for this pack & keep up the genious work!
(Although I think you guys converge to a state which completely answers ones wishes to the game :) )

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SourceSeeker @ BZII Unofficial Expansion Pack

Im tracking your mod since several years now and Im very happy that finally it is out now. Among other things, the reason I have waited so patiently was a special feature: "Soon, there will also be a version with Pilot Recyclers, so you can pass stripped down versions of recs to youre teammates in MP, and build entirely different bases!"
(LINK ("Because you are a new member, you cannot include URLs until you are activly visiting the site and have been registered for 7 days."):
http : // ww w. bz2md. com/ smf /index. php? topic=2748. 0)

I tried above with your UEP, but Im not able to figure out how. I tried MPI wug pack and so on, but I was never able to transfer the recycler or a constructor to an ally... :(
In a few days my friends and me want to make a LAN and it would be astounding if this feature would work. Hope you can give me a helping hand.

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