Sonic Connections was made by Sonic fans for Sonic fans. Here at SC we create fan games from scratch using many tools like Blender Game Engine, Multimedia Fusion 2,YoYo Games' Game Maker, etc. Our current big project is a fan game that goes by "Sonic Mobian Rush" Utilizing the full capabilities and features of Blender's Game Engine, the game will feature beautifully rendered environment custom character models, and massive online multi-player support. If you would like to join, just send us a message containing a email, name, and short bio on what your good at and what you would like to contribute to Sonic Connections.

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Hey everyone, Evean Land here. And im gonna give you guys a little update as to whats going on with Sonic Connections and our main project Sonic Mobian Rush.

Well as you may know there have not been any updates due to my laptop screen cracking. So for the past month no physical work has been done on SMR. The stories have been worked on and some are 100% finished. Sonic Tails and Amy are three examples for finished stories. Now i know i stated earlyer in the year that a small demo would be out before Christmas, but the past month has put the project behind my projected time table. Im not saying that a demo will be completly put off till next year but im not saying that one will be out before Christmas either. As for now the date for the demo will remain the same untill a week before Christmas. If i dont have one out by then, then you guys know why. I will keep you posted on the matter.

As for Sonic Connctions, Nothing has changed and i would like to see more members. I know we dont really have much to go for but thats why i want to see other fans join. SMR has the few members we do have and myslf busy. But i do have some ideas that will bring in some fans. Maybe a video update every week? Have an idea? let me know.

Now for me the summer was fun aside from not working on SMR. Im also starting my seinor year in a few weeks so Progress will be done at a slower rate than before, but i will not shut down the project at all. I did order my laptop replacement screen yesterday so ill be back with new updates in a few weeks.

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Sonic Connections was made by Sonic fans for Sonic fans. Here at SC we create fan games from scratch using many tools like Blender Game Engine, Multimedia...

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Undisputed_91 May 16 2012 says:

I'm a big fan of your project. It sounds like an awesome concept and the models and animations you showed us are exceptional. It's actually those models that I'm writing to you about. I hope you don't mind a suggestion or two(and if you do-please brush these suggestions aside).

The model itself looks like a perfect replica of the Colors model, which is great in itself(I know a lot of people like it), though I always found the animations and look of it a little off:

1. The legs seem a little too long, which makes him look like he's made out of rubber. This might seem like a personal preference, rather than a problem, but the issue I have with it is that is makes the model's running animation seem strange(his legs whip back almost to the height of his head). A good reference for a shorter sonic would be a likeness to the model from Sonic Adventure DX(PC). It was a fairly simple, but very good model, which's movement gave you great sense of speed even though he was way slower than the next model sonic(who feels more like he glides along the surface with those legs).

2. The hands are another issue I have with the model. Either the hands themselves or the fingers look extremely big and strange(they are narrow in the beginning and wide at the tip) - which also makes for awkward looking animations.

3. This might be the least well-based flaw I found but the hands(maybe because of their size) look really awkward when he's sprinting and they are spread out. It might look a lot better if you made him clench his fists while running. It also seems more natural as this was his hand position in running from the genesis games to the Dreamcast games, except for Sonic CD(which still had different arm positions).

I hope this helps you with your work(and I hope non of it has offended you or your work in any way) and I hope to hear your thoughts on this if you think it's useful in any way.

All the best

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SonicConnections Creator
SonicConnections May 17 2012 replied:

Hello Shishiu,

Thanks for your comment and feed back. If i can remember correctly, i do believe this is the unleashed model, I acquired this model from another Sonic Mobian Rush Team member But then again it could be the Colors Model.

Yes Sonic's legs are long and they have always been long since SA2B. But when you look at it closely or compare them side by side, His legs are just about as long as his torso. I do get where your coming from though the legs do look a bit "too" long for him but this is just one model.

The hand size looks fine. as for the fingers, im not entirely sure what you mean. I looked at the model again and do see that his fingers do get wider as you go up to his tips but its not an extreme change. In fact, Sonic's hands have been that way for a wile all the way back to Sonic 06/Next Gen. Back then you could hardly tell but now its just there.

I do agree with you about when he runs, the way his hands are. Yes they do look awkward and clenching his fist would be a better solution to fix this.

Once again thanks for the feed back. This is exactly what im looking for from the fans and what they want in a Fan Sonic Game. Sonic Connections is mostly a fan oriented group where its driven by the fans. I will talk to the SMR animator and see if we can get those minor changes in, (although i think the only thing that might change is the running animations).

Also i do plan on adding a little "special feature" for Sonic once you beat the game. Sorry but i cant give out any more info on that at the moment, but im pretty sure it will satisfy many fans. So check back soon! ^_^

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Undisputed_91 May 17 2012 replied:

Haha, that last bit about the special feature sounds really cool(way past cool even). Thanks for taking my comment into consideration and once again sorry if the changes sounded superficial. It's just that the smaller sonic models(SADX and SA2B mainly, but even the Genesis) always seemed somehow better proportioned to me(and it was still a time when he had attitude and didn't date humans...ahem 06...ahem). In any case my suggestions are based on my wish to help you alter the game to be a better experience for all the fans and by no means to cater to my preferences :) That said I hope to have some genuinely helpful suggestions next time around...

Seeing as you consider suggestions and take them to heart have you thought of setting a forum up with polls for fans to vote on what they want ingame?

All the best

PS. Yeah, when I said Colors model I was probably wrong. I can't catch the difference between the Unleashed and Colors model, so I call it whichever comes to mind.

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SonicConnections Creator
SonicConnections May 17 2012 replied:

No problem. I do miss the older Sonic Models from the Dreamcast Era. And you dont have to worry about the attitude in SMR. Sonic will have his same old attitude that he used to have. Yea Sonic and Elise? umm yea that was kinda weird when i first saw it. Once again thanks for your ideas and feed back. I am currently waiting on a reply now from the animator. And please, if you have any ideas, done hesitate to send a message or email and we will discuss the details about your idea and how we can maybe incorporate it ingame. If not ingame then most likely DLC.

And yes i have considered that. I also have a Facebook page where the fans can post what they would like to see ingame. But its kinda... hmm slow, almost dead even? Anyway...

Haha, its hard for most people to tell the difference between the two. But in all honesty Unleashed and Colors models are pretty much the same. I have both models and there really isnt much of a difference. Only thing i saw was that Colors was a bit wider in the torso area.

Until Next Time

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Undisputed_91 May 18 2012 replied:

It's funny how the fans seem to know more about what Sonic's attitude is supposed to be, than Sega Team recently. Even generations seemed somehow cheezy compared to say a Sonic Satam episode.

But seeing as you are familiar with Mobius and Sonic in general I'm not worried about this version of Sonic at all. And now you also have me really psyched about an update from the animator ;D I'm also happy to see there's a connection between this project and Ashura:Dark Reign ;)

And yeah, Dreamcast Sonic was really cool, though I suppose this one is much easier to animate and make playable, so I trust it's a better choice all around.

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SonicConnections Creator
SonicConnections May 18 2012 replied:

That is true and its mostly the "retro" fans that complain about it. Me on the other hand, i liked the Adventure Attitude Sonic had, but it has changed over the years. The worst in my opinion are Sonic Next Gen and Sonic X. Although Season 3 Was actually good (if you cut out Chris). Sonic Generations was Cheesy but it made me laugh at some points. Also it seemed to short to me and the levels seemed to short. Except Planet Wisp.

I have been a Sonic Fan for ever, so yea i know quite a bit. Sonic games have never really took place on Mobius or any of its locations. Like in SMR, Knot Hole will make a return in full 3D along with South and West Island. Along with some other locations.

And about the animations, There is currently a team of animators working on all the different models of Sonic so in the end, Sonic will have a variety of animation sets. I was thinking about allowing the player to select the type of animation in the options menu. I still might put it in. Mainly cause i know there are a select few who nitpick at the type of animations through out the games. So this might be a plus.

I have been following ADR for a wile now and it actually inspired me to start my own fan game. Dekrayzis was awesome enough to give me some tips and hints in level design and gameplay elements. The Tech Demo was awesome and i cant wait for the new demo once it comes out.

Also if you have any questions about Sonic Connections and or SMR let me know, Im planing on doing a Q&A session and uploading it on YouTube. Mainly to get more info out about SC and SMR.

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ShadowforADR Mar 24 2012 says:

Hiya, I am a huge fan of Sonic Mobian Rush and Ashura Dark Reign. If you're recruiting voice actors at the moment, I'd like to put my name down for Shadow, Silver or one of the new characters like Tyson or Frost. I'd love to help with the technical side, but I know next to nothing about computers:(.

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SonicConnections Creator
SonicConnections Mar 26 2012 replied:

It is nice to see that Sonic Mobian Rush is getting out there. Although we are currently in the early production phase and the script hasn't been written yet, you can gladly try out for Shadow or Silver or anyone you like. If you can, post a Video on YouTube or send a email containing your voice clips to and i will get back to you asap.

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ShadowforADR Mar 26 2012 replied:

Thanks! I'll send them through soon. (And I am liking the new screenshots too).

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SonicConnections Creator
SonicConnections Mar 26 2012 replied:

Thanks! Also if you have any ideas or anything you would like to see in the game let us know. Sonic Mobian Rush may be a full game but i still want the fans input and use some fan ideas, not just mine. You can drop us a line at our blog/site at
Our Facebook at
Our Youtube at
Or simply just send us a message or email. If i like the idea then you just may see it in game or in a DLC pack.

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