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Slane583 Nov 26 2012 says:

From its' shape the shotgun sort of looks like a heavy rifle of some type. Since the shells are un-skinned they almost look like batteries or some slug-less plasma round. How about calling it SABR? Short for Semi-Automatic Burst Rifle. Since your mod is based in the future I'm sure they could get away with some single use plasma burst rounds that look similar to shotgun shells. So the name sounds fitting, but that's just me. :)

+1 vote   news: October 2012 Update - Weapons!
Slane583 Jul 10 2012 says:

It's amazing when you see a comparison shot of the new to the original. It shows you just how far games and graphics have come since the original game came out. Back in 98/99/00 when the original game and expansion packs came out the (original screen shot) was the ****. Look at it compared to the new one below and it's just a box with a door, platform & ladder, and a tram rail. You look at the new one and see it has curved walls, beams, girders, more detailed platforms & tram rails, and extra rooms.

Almost makes you wanna cry sometimes from the awesome. But you still have to love the box version from the original game since it's from your child/teen-hood. :)

Keep up the good work guys. I never got to play the original expansion packs as a kid. But once you eventually release Guard Duty I'll be playing an updated "Blue Shift."

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Slane583 Mar 14 2012 replied:

Well, I mainly offered because, 1: I've been trying to get into mods myself. I'm not asking to be on a team or anything. I can only really doodle a sketch. Not really do any concept art.

2: I have nothing but free time so I'm sure two or three sketch's of a plant to go on a wall wouldn't be a problem.

You could even mod them to your liking if there was elements done in one and elements in another you liked. Just mix and match them sort of speak. :)

+1 vote   media: WIP Engineering
Slane583 Mar 10 2012 says:

From what I've been observing you're doing various sectors at a time. You originally started with the data/server sector, went to science/medical, crew quarters and now you're at engineering. Will there be a Hydroponics sector as well? If so I could always come up with a Hydroponics logo for the wall to state when you're in that sector. I can't promise how quick it would be. But I've been having the urge to do a hydroponics logo for some reason. :P

+1 vote   media: WIP Engineering
Slane583 Nov 29 2011 says:

The Ant Eater, or AE-1 for short? Since it kind of looks like an ant eater skull. When you look at the barrel and the portion behind the "eye" for a bit.

+1 vote   media: OF2 - Synth Assault Carbine (Swordfish Rifle)
Slane583 Nov 27 2011 says:

Black Mesa brand wall fixtures. Everyone is using them. :P

+2 votes   media: Security camera render
Slane583 Nov 25 2011 replied:

Back when the System Shock 2 demo came out I used to watch my older brother play ALL the time. When the full game finally came to stores my dad eventually bought him. I would always sit next to him and watch him play that as well. For the time, freakiest game ever because things were always unpredictable.

System Shock 2 has a certain feel to it that no game these days can recreate because it was the FIRST one to successfully implement both RPG elements into a fps play style.

It's not like stuff now where you have a "stand here and defend this" or "run around and get shot" sort of game play. You had to run around, pick up audio recordings from dead crew members to proceed, all while trying to find out what happened while you were in cryo-stasis.

If you killed an enemy, you had to keep an organ or part from it to study it so you could learn how to kill it better. Even then when you needed certain chemicals not all of them were in the same closet. So you had run to another section of the ship to find what you needed.

So, if I can look at a screenshot of something someone is making and say, "This looks ALLOT like SS2." even though it's their own game then in my opinion they've accomplished something a large company couldn't.

Because all large companies seem to do is focus on one thing and that's making money off the same game they keep repeating, over, and over, and over again. Just with different titles to them.

So you should feel proud of yourself. Because you added the feel and atmosphere of a game no one else has ever recreated, in your own game and in your own style.

Best of all? You're doing it all alone because you like the challenge. So big thumbs up I say.

Even better? It captures the feel of a game I purposely DON'T complete because I like the atmosphere too much. All I can say is, can't wait to play it once it's finally released. Take your time and get it right the first time. :)

+1 vote   media: Employee Quarters
Slane583 Oct 25 2011 says:

This almost has the same feel as the crew quarters in System Shock 2. Except this is obviously allot bigger than those rooms. All you'd need would be the disturbing voices of the zombies speaking outside the room to get the same effect. "Hurry, ruuun!" "One of us." :P

So, for me it's awesome. I've NEVER finished that game mainly because I like the feel of the ship too much to proceed further. :3

+1 vote   media: Employee Quarters
Slane583 Oct 3 2011 replied:

In another post about these yellow barrels you mentioned they'd explode with no fire. By doing so why not show they're a different type of explosive liquid and make the explosion more powerful and violent?

Kind of like saying "One shot from weak pistol + yellow barrel - fire + instant explosion = incredibly violent and highly explosive content."

Where as the red barrels would be a slower burning and less harmful explosive since it catches on fire first and then explodes. :)

+1 vote   media: More Screens!
Slane583 Oct 3 2011 says:

I love the look of this. It almost has a "System Shock 2" feel to it. As for the zombies, since it's just standing there twitching. Maybe you could do like they did in System Shock 2 and give the zombies some disturbing sounding ambient voices or something? That would be awesome. :D

+2 votes   media: UberNerdGames
Slane583 Oct 3 2011 replied:

Shhhhh, don't let it hear you. The pillar is an enemy in disguise. :P

+1 vote   media: UberNerdGames
Slane583 Oct 1 2011 says:

Sweet helmet design, kind of reminds me of Macross Plus or Full Metal Panic a little bit. While everyone's on the subject. :P

+1 vote   media: Helmet concept
Slane583 Jan 17 2011 replied:

And he has a leprechaun hat on with a pot full of golden azz whoop. :)

+1 vote   media: oc_harvest 1.35 forest
Slane583 Jan 17 2011 says:

I can see it now. :) *Not now Combine, I'm picking tomatoes. I'll fight you tomorrow.*

+2 votes   media: oc_harvest 1.35 new plants
Slane583 Jun 10 2010 says:

I don't like bugging people. But would you happen to know of any modders willing to do a mod idea? I posted a idea in the forum a few days ago but it seems because of the complexity it doesn't seem to be of interest.

That and it doesn't help I can't code, model or do level building.

+2 votes   member: TwoDustyOldLions
Slane583 Jun 10 2010 replied:

They always tend to f'up something that's been good and stable for years just because they want the interface to keep up to date with everybodyelse' programs when it comes to style and eye candy. Steam may have not been the prettiest program style wise.

But I didn't start using it for its looks. My system is a aging pos with a new video card in it and the old interface was simple, easy to navigate and ran good. When my older brother had me try the beta of the now new interface it made HL2 lag and skip worse than it does when it runs normally.

They don't seem to know how to leave something that's been good for years alone. Once it's "updated" it gets f'ed up and causes problems like this. Then more updates need to be made to fix what wasn't broken to begin with.

+1 vote   mod: SMOD OUTBREAK
Slane583 Jun 7 2010 replied:

Looks like it's gonna be a pain for me then if you use Ep 1 or 2 as a base being I don't have either of them.. :/

I couldn't play that Science & Industry mod because of it. But it looks like you can't play squat now because of their update.

+1 vote   mod: SMOD OUTBREAK
Slane583 Jun 4 2010 says:

"This is where I left my wallet."

+2 votes   media: Good Place to hide the body
Slane583 Jun 3 2010 says:

Yeah. I was playing a few minutes ago and had the funked health & power numbers with a broken bit of the word "health" hovering above it. The same goes for the other side except it had a broken up version of "power" posted. I found it a bit odd after a while when I saw no zombies, little to no soldiers, the grenade was in place of the crowbar and I was going about without dying picking off baddies with the crap-tastic HL2 pistol that had no sound.

You could also see the blue lines of the level through the textures in certain stages.

+1 vote   mod: SMOD OUTBREAK
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