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My journey through the land of Quake started late one night with some crazy looking brushwork doodles and eventually finished with my favourite map to date, The Horde of Zendar. I have always thought of Quake as a treasured favourite from my past and I remember when it first came out, I was blown away by the game having true 3D levels that I could walk around. Even thou that sounds crazy by today's game standards, at the time it was ground breaking!

Quake is an unique experience, there really is not much else like it, the game is dripping in blood soaked pixels, full of nightmarish monsters and has very aggressive game play mechanics. The environmental styles range from typical tech style base designs to surreal elder world castles soaked in black shadows. Unfortunately the monsters were as dumb as bricks and they would often run straight at you, guns a blazing, swords a swinging and claws a tearing.

The game had its own kind of intensity, there were no rooms full of enemies like in Doom, but instead the monsters were setup in ambushes. They could be high up on ledges raining down grenades or silently drifting in the darkness waiting to surprise you with a hiss and acid spit and if you are not careful leaping at you with teeth and claws at the ready. The game was driven by terror and surprise, panic and dread and the fear of what lies around the next corner.

Midnight Stalker - Perfectly Broken

Midnight Stalker was inspired by vivid dreams of blue elder worlds and warped brushwork, a twisted metal underground lair of monsters and contraptions waiting for some unwelcome fool to wander into.

The environment was designed to slide apart like giant pieces of a puzzle, to change as the player progresses and the monsters were placed in positions of strength. This is a map full of environmental hazards, unusual monster ambushes and traps for both the player and monster to be caught out by.

Backsteingotik - Skill Selection

Backsteingotik was a towering monolith of bricks stretching upwards into darkness. There are no fancy archways, fine details, or environmental set pieces, just a mountain of bricks. The map is based on a central hub system where the player unlocks various parts of the map over time while returning to one point for multiple encounters.

The game play is a mixture of ambushes and special arenas where the player can operate crushers to inflict upon unsuspecting monsters. Many of the areas are revisited several times from different heights and there are plenty of secret areas to unlock and explore.

The Ivory Tower - Front Door

The Ivory Tower is based on a story, a world full of details stacked up over time, a place where each corner is designed with a purpose. The player will experience brightly lit chapels, large underground caves stitched together by elevator shafts and will be unconsciously led by rusty tracks laden with carts full of gold.

The game play is different, there are plenty of empty encounter spaces, opportunities to look around and explore. There are many locations presented from multiple directions to give the player the sense of space and show where they are going to be next.

The Horde of Zendar - City Gates

The Horde of Zendar is designed to be played forward or backwards and still make sense. The map is about player choices, multiple routes and plenty of secret areas waiting to be unlocked via multiple silver keys. The objective is simple, escape the city, but there are so many secret places to explore as well.

The game play is classic ambushes tailored to each area of the map with plenty of vertical situations to keep the player looking up. The central hub is visited on many occasions and the climax to the story is when the final battle is over the floor is littered with the fallen bodies of the Horde of Zendar while the player escapes to tell the tale.

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Maggy_ Jul 9 2015 says:

Why did you "cancel" Arcane Dimensions mod?

+2 votes     reply to comment
simonoc Creator
simonoc Jul 14 2015 replied:

AD was a mappers toolkit, it was a collection of assets with a few test maps. People get excited about playable content nowadays not development resources, I underestimation what people wanted, I decided to cancelled the project and cut my loses.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Yhe1 Jul 15 2015 replied:

But isn't that what Quoth is? and it is very popular.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Maggy_ Jul 14 2015 replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
numbersix Jun 26 2013 says:

Welcome to the quake c forum - thanks for joining!

I thought: "wow, that map looks good..." And the style looks familiar, so I went to your website. And then was like "Oh, right."

Love pom, long time q3 favorite DM map.
My darkplaces q1 mod fully supports q3 maps, and pom is my jump pad test map.
Sadly jump pads still dont work, I currently cheat with teleports.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SinKing Apr 2 2012 says:

I like the textures and how you apply different lighting situations. These are impressive results, because of the clarity of your vision and flawless execution. You seem to like colorful, so I'd stick with the medieval theme(s) or something slightly cartoony.

I'm currently Concept Artist for Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs. I'm not sure if we need texture artists and mappers (it's a small team), but I would recommend you, if you chose to apply. Gj!

+2 votes     reply to comment
simonoc Creator
simonoc Apr 2 2012 replied:

Thanks, yeah I love brightly coloured stuff. I spent too many years making WW2 stuff and grey/brown environments.

+2 votes   reply to comment
JigsawPieces Mar 28 2012 says:

Wow, your stuff looks really good. It's cool that you explained the process of making your textures and where you got them from.

+2 votes     reply to comment
simonoc Creator
simonoc Mar 29 2012 replied:

Cool thanks, there is more waffle on my website if you are curious. Most of my stuff you can download (website links) and use in your own projects.

+2 votes   reply to comment
iQew Mar 22 2012 says:

Hey, welcome to ModDB :) Great 3D work!

+2 votes     reply to comment
simonoc Creator
simonoc Mar 25 2012 replied:

Thanks :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
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5hours 17mins ago

@PuLSaR_noise LD is often the difference between your vision and what the player is expecting, something important should look important

5hours 47mins ago

Your first map idea cannot be your best idea, unless you have created more map ideas to prove it right!

5hours 53mins ago

A door should look like a door, a secret entrance should look hidden; something in between is just a design mess giving the wrong message

6hours 0mins ago

Its certainly awesome to get lots of feedback on your projects, but not all feedback is useful, often best to wait, calm down and filter it!

6hours 3mins ago

Its easy to forget and leave broken map entities lying around, either move them to a hidden layer or cut and paste them to a scrap map!

Nov 24 2015

Designer makes map and knows every detail; players struggle and get lost, designer blames players for not understanding their 'design logic'

Nov 22 2015

Forum user Icaro at has creating another awesome HD pack of my low pixel map Ivory Tower!

Nov 22 2015

@dgbaumgart its too easy to get lost in your head explaining how something is suppose to work, going through it can iron out the wacky logic

Nov 22 2015

@dgbaumgart its not the social aspect which is useful, its kinda player feedback, understanding the reaction to the game play logic

Nov 22 2015

@dgbaumgart I think this method works well for scripts that have grown over time and have lost their focus on what they were suppose to do

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