I'm a man that dabbles. A little mapping here, a little modeling there, with some sound, music, acting, 2D design, photography, along with a plethora of other talents all thrown in. Sadly with this vastly spread skill set, I am, by far, a master of none. If anything, I'd say that I'm most experienced in mapping in Hammer/Source, though I'm always working to get better at all of the above when needed. Always learning, always finding new ways to learn, and new things to learn. Since 1997.

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Sigint Jul 28 2010, 12:09am says:

Who ever heard of using actual architecture? Hehe, great work, and impressive skills.

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Sigint Oct 13 2009, 11:18pm says:

It could just be me, but it would seem that there would be possibility that the fights could become a little bit too fast past, and actually become nauseating (maybe in a good way =D)... Would you consider doing anything that would slow the pace a bit, or is Multiplayer going to be this fast paced?

+1 vote   news: That Video I Promised
Sigint Oct 11 2009, 10:55pm says:

I downloaded the FaceAPI software, and messed around with the demo. I'm really impressed with the software, though I'll say that it still needs some improvement to make it a more reliable control platform. I am excited to see how this will effect gaming and even online social interaction.

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Sigint Oct 2 2009, 9:48am says:

I rather like the idea of the hidden achievements. You don't know what they are, or the requirements of which, so you can't go out of your way to get them, but when you do, it's nice to see something that (in some cases) makes a comment about your play style. For instance, if a racing game has an achievement for getting all of a particular set of cars, such as Tuners, Exotics, Race cars, Coupes, Mid-Engine. What achievement you get would reflect the types of cars you perfer driving.

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Sigint Oct 1 2009, 1:10am says:


I also rarely update, but I just recently got a new camera, so that will change. Oh, and in my defense, I choose that name before I had heard anything about Portal.

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Sigint Oct 1 2009, 12:51am says:

It looks awesome. Looks like a much better version of the Renegade multiplayer, but I think that people will actually play this. Nice work.

+1 vote   news: Renegade X 0.35 Beta Released!
Sigint Sep 27 2009, 9:09am replied:

I disagree somewhat. I'd rather see the default crowbar, then some poorly modeled and textured weapon.

About the Pic:
I will say that what I've seen so far certainly doesn't look bad, but my super retentive side is wondering why the vent (which I'm assuming is above), is smaller than the vent it connects to?

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Sigint Sep 25 2009, 3:26am says:

Thank you so much!

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Sigint Sep 22 2009, 2:59am says:

My biggest question would have to be how well this mod is able to handle the graphical resources. Do we have any estimation of the system specs that are required to run this mod, and if not, what systems are you currently running it on to get the screens, and at what FPS? Just an estimation would be nice.

Other than that little curiousity, it's looking very good. Especially the water effects. Those look great.

+3 votes   mod: City 17: Episode One
Sigint Sep 21 2009, 11:58pm says:

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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