Hello, i am SierraGolf5, i am a US Gamer who appreciates foreign music and art, mostly from Europe and Russia. I mostly like classical music like Mozart, Beethoven and others like them, i do listen to some rap and stuff but i think most of it is trashy. I Play Call of Duty (CoD1, CoDUO, CoD2, CoD2BR1, CoD3, CoD4MW, CoDMW2, and CoDBO), Medal of Honor (AA, AA:Spearhead, AA:Breakthrough, PA, Rising Sun, Frontline, Airborne) Halo (3, Reach), Battlefield (1942, 1942:RTR, 1942:SWOWW2, Vietnam, BF2, BFBC, and BFBC2), Men of War (including AS), Frontlines Fuel of War, Joint Task Force, Delta Force BHD, etc i could go on and on. I am the admin of VDV Clan, a clan based on the Russian Airborne, visit our page at vdvclan.webs.com . Also Red Tide and [SPECFOR] clans, at redmarines.webs.com and specforclan.webs.com

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0 comments by SierraGolf5 on Jul 28th, 2011

Well, to tell you the truth, i really dont care for these hate campaigns, don't hate on vora_bat, alright so he stole some models, move on!!! And the guys defending him, dont accuse SL of anything, they are giving their opinion. Quit fighting, ok, that gets us nowhere, except in real life, look at iraq. But that aint my point, we need to settle shit now before the shit hits the fan (it wasnt earlier, that was just the piss). 

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0 comments by SierraGolf5 on Jul 12th, 2011

Requesting a modeller to help me with my upcoming Far East War mod. Someone who can model vehicles, artillery, and Small-arms weaponry for these sides:

Chinese PLA
Japanese JGSDF
All help will be welcome!!! thanks!!

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