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SierraGolf5 Jan 20 2015, 5:57pm replied:

Yeah, I've seen it quite a bit and I'd like to include it for dioramas myself.

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SierraGolf5 Jan 17 2015, 1:25pm says:

Could someone teach me how to make stamps have height/depth like I've seen in some awesome dioramas? If so, that'd be awesome!

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SierraGolf5 Dec 26 2014, 9:52pm says:


He's missing glasses, hit him while he's blind!

Keep up the great progress with the mod!

+2 votes   media: Supreme Leader Kim Il Sung
SierraGolf5 Nov 30 2014, 9:04pm replied:

That's a bit later, this is most likely the 54th Massachusetts (and in this context, probably their assault on Fort Wagener on Folly Island, Charleston, South Carolina).

+5 votes   media: A glorious charge
SierraGolf5 Nov 26 2014, 10:49am replied:

I know, it seems like CMSF is one of those games that doesn't get enough showtime in the modding community.

Yeah, I totally think it's possible. I found some skins that I use in my other mod that work. I sometimes get skins for use from Battlefront.com's mod repository for CMSF.

+1 vote   media: Combat Mission: Shock Force - Rise of the Reds
SierraGolf5 Oct 24 2014, 6:29pm replied:

We both appear to support Donbass and the Russian Federation and love to game! :D

-please ignore my stupidity-

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SierraGolf5 Oct 14 2014, 7:43pm says:

Can anyone help me with original Call of Duty models and Call of Duty 2 models? I'd like to use them for personal use, I'm just having problems finding a tool to unpack/unzip them from the game files and into 3DSMax-

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SierraGolf5 Oct 11 2014, 8:39pm says:

Is it possible to make a flag, such as "flagstaff_ger", to be bullet-ridden (i.e. have an alpha map) and not make black spots on the flag, or is it not possible?

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SierraGolf5 Oct 11 2014, 2:07am replied:

No problem at all!

I viewed your page and it seems we have a lot in common!

+2 votes   member: SierraGolf5
SierraGolf5 Sep 26 2014, 1:05pm replied:

It's a Danish Madsen LMG

+6 votes   media: Soldiers of BNR
SierraGolf5 Aug 14 2014, 8:12am replied:

No, it's most likely a model from Call of Duty BlOps II or Ghosts

+3 votes   media: The Future is now
SierraGolf5 Jul 29 2014, 7:28am replied:

It's because it's from a Russian site. You can translate the page, it isn't very hard.

+1 vote   media: Some separatists
SierraGolf5 Jul 15 2014, 10:09am replied:

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, which by the way, is an awesome game.

+3 votes   media: BJ2022 - Tutorial exporting vehicles coming soon!
SierraGolf5 Jul 13 2014, 1:58pm replied:

It's the Mi-6 Hook object model from the STALKER mod.

+1 vote   media: Winter map
SierraGolf5 Jul 8 2014, 8:21pm says:

I can't tell if they are wearing WMARPAT or the UCP-Pattern Army Combat Uniform...

+2 votes   media: Marine Corps
SierraGolf5 Jun 26 2014, 12:25pm replied:

Actually the 22nd SAS RGT from the CoD4 Modern Warfare, TF141 was from MW2 onwards.

+1 vote   media: Guess The Names.
SierraGolf5 Jun 25 2014, 4:00pm says:

Oh, awesome!

+1 vote   media: Guerrito skins
SierraGolf5 Jun 25 2014, 1:33pm says:

You know that Chronicles of WWII has a Gew. 98 rifle, so you can use that instead of a K98k

+1 vote   media: Guerrito skins
SierraGolf5 Jun 2 2014, 9:10pm says:

Is it possible that there is a model of a Soviet soldier from 1938-1939 in the summer tunic, as in Khasan Lake? I'd really like one so I can re-enact my Hearts of Iron 3 battles in Men of War.

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SierraGolf5 May 26 2014, 2:54pm says:

How do you get those rocks on the texture (ground) like that? I see a lot of people doing that now in maps and dioramas.

+1 vote   media: Environment update
SierraGolf5 May 15 2014, 12:40pm replied:

Yeah, that's right.

I also have seen that the flag used for Communist China here is the flag used as the Chinese Volunteer Group in Korea in 1950. The Chinese also used the ChiCom flag (red background with yellow hammer and sickle).

+1 vote   media: Two Chinese Regimes
SierraGolf5 May 12 2014, 4:37pm says:

I read up somewhere that the Ma Clique used the Kuomintang Naval Jack as their flag.

+1 vote   media: Two Chinese Regimes
SierraGolf5 May 10 2014, 11:52am replied:

It's centered on the editor, it's just the shape of the model deforms it. It's the same issue I have with putting the Officer ID stripe on the back, the model deforms it.

+1 vote   media: EaW:F Helmets
SierraGolf5 Apr 20 2014, 5:04pm replied:

I'm wrong, that actually is a Pecheneg. I admit I'm wrong.

+1 vote   media: Talibans
SierraGolf5 Apr 20 2014, 10:50am replied:

That is a PKM, Pechenegs are distinguished by their carrying handles on the barrel, and most of them are black polymer.

+1 vote   media: Talibans
SierraGolf5 Mar 23 2014, 7:20pm says:

Brings back some memories from Call of Duty: United Offensive, shooting down German ME-109s as James Doyle. Great times... great times.

Great work!

+5 votes   media: B17 UK
SierraGolf5 Feb 16 2014, 1:11pm says:

I would say A and B, variety is, in the words of family, 'mo betta'.

+2 votes   media: Weapon Skins
SierraGolf5 Feb 8 2014, 8:55pm says:

Swastika in circle is too small for the National flags, not to be annoying or anything.

+1 vote   media: HD Flag Staff Textures *Updated*
SierraGolf5 Feb 5 2014, 9:08pm says:

Error: No English Device Found, please insert an English Device and reboot.

+2 votes   media: THE DESERT TRILOGY
SierraGolf5 Feb 1 2014, 3:06pm says:

Yes, but I got them from COWW2

+2 votes   media: US Troops - COWW2
SierraGolf5 Jan 6 2014, 5:41pm says:

I am a Christian and I find this funny XD

*was going to put 'I am a offended and I find this Christian' XDXD*

+4 votes   media: THE DESERT TRILOGY
SierraGolf5 Dec 23 2013, 5:25pm says:

Are those... Storm Commandoes? *faints* Great work!

+2 votes   media: All Shiny And Laser! Pt.1
SierraGolf5 Oct 27 2013, 11:31am replied:

You clever bastard XD

+4 votes   media: CROWS System
SierraGolf5 Oct 19 2013, 7:21pm says:

He has too much sausage, I am notify Politburo. (Reddit lol)

+2 votes   media: Meanwhile in Latvia...
SierraGolf5 Oct 4 2013, 5:19pm says:

If anyone reads this is something that I made for personal, not anything to do with my mod.

+1 vote   article: BL:AV - Location of SFFOS Warhawk
SierraGolf5 Sep 14 2013, 10:32am replied:

How do you mean blend?

+1 vote   media: US Military Police
SierraGolf5 Aug 22 2013, 4:39pm says:

Syria is a ******* nuclear powder keg waiting to blow, it isn't just FSA vs Assad anymore, it's Russia v USA v Iran v Israel v Hezbollah v FSA v Turkey v Others... It's annoying as **** because I think my country should back away and Israel as well, because it's not our war.

+1 vote   media: Fighter for "Democracy"
SierraGolf5 Aug 12 2013, 12:56pm replied:

So can the Il-76 and the An-12, but only one or two.

+2 votes   media: An-225 drop zone
SierraGolf5 Aug 9 2013, 11:41pm says:

I would suggest if you had the time, to replace the An-225 with an An-12 or an Il-76 transport. It would be most logical.

+4 votes   media: An-225 drop zone
SierraGolf5 Aug 6 2013, 5:14pm says:

Please fix the model with the proper undercarraige and tracks, it looks retarded and out of place with a "pimped out" underside and Koenigstiger tracks

+7 votes   download: Leopard 2 tank v1.1 (outdated)
SierraGolf5 Jul 29 2013, 12:37am says:

Now you are making me want to write a ****** story about Military Policemen fighting of zombies in France in 1944 XD

+3 votes   media: US Military Police
SierraGolf5 Jul 7 2013, 7:18pm replied:

Top Right looks like a modded MOWAG Piranha

+3 votes   article: Raw material is raw
SierraGolf5 Jun 10 2013, 11:58am replied:

I believe the brown/tan uniform was used prior to 1968 and the green one was used after 1968 (correct me if I'm wrong)

+3 votes   media: The Legend
SierraGolf5 Dec 20 2012, 7:54pm replied:

Or maybe the BF3 Support guy is based off of real life?

+1 vote   media: Soldier model and animation
SierraGolf5 Dec 19 2012, 1:55pm replied:


+3 votes   member: morder553
SierraGolf5 Dec 19 2012, 11:27am replied:

Was the Red October real?

+1 vote   article: New Storyline - CHAPTER ONE, PRELUDE TO WAR
SierraGolf5 Dec 19 2012, 1:25am says:

Hey there :D

Im a Dutyer myself |D

But your page looked awesome so I watched you

+2 votes   member: morder553
SierraGolf5 Dec 4 2012, 7:51pm replied:


+2 votes   media: New_map
SierraGolf5 Dec 1 2012, 5:18pm replied:

Well they are higher quality than VMoW's models

+1 vote   media: Updated.
SierraGolf5 Nov 30 2012, 11:34pm replied:

Wehrmacht meant the entire armed forces, the Wehrmacht Heer is the ground forces

+3 votes   media: Attached Wehrmacht troops under Luftwaffe command
SierraGolf5 Oct 30 2012, 5:22pm says:

I know, but two reasons:

1: The U.N. in-mod is a universal force which is mostly made up of European nations.

2: The FAMAS I have isnt the G2 XD

+2 votes   media: MOAR SKINNING
SierraGolf5 Jun 19 2012, 6:44pm replied:

I know during the Talvisota, they had Skulls painted on their helmets...

+1 vote   media: Finnish winter skins
SierraGolf5 May 11 2012, 10:59pm says:

its not a mod, you have to put it in your entity folder, specifically the service/flagstaff one

+2 votes   download: Modern Flag Addon 3.1
SierraGolf5 Apr 5 2012, 12:05am says:

lol the para is Soviet and has American gear on and a Czech Vz.58

+2 votes   media: picture
SierraGolf5 Dec 10 2011, 3:42pm replied:

its alright buddy, not to be rude, but let him talk, besides we NEED this info.

+2 votes   media: **Loading Screen
SierraGolf5 Nov 13 2011, 1:06pm replied:

its aight, but i did israel, germany, canada, china, australia, italy, and turkey...

+1 vote   media: flags
SierraGolf5 Nov 6 2011, 1:36pm replied:

were some of those my flags? if so, give credit...

+1 vote   media: flags
SierraGolf5 Oct 3 2011, 9:22pm replied:

its an M16A1, not an A4

0 votes   media: New Models
SierraGolf5 Aug 15 2011, 5:24pm says:

welcome, man!!

+1 vote   member: katilemre
SierraGolf5 Aug 12 2011, 6:18pm says:

i have Clear Sky!!

+1 vote   media: things i like
SierraGolf5 Aug 8 2011, 11:30am replied:

watchoo talkin bout willis?

+2 votes   media: 1st Mission Loading Screen
SierraGolf5 Aug 8 2011, 11:29am replied:

u know, i was thinking of doing that

+1 vote   media: 2nd Mission Loading Screen
SierraGolf5 Aug 2 2011, 12:52pm says:

how do u do that

+1 vote   media: MAIN MENU
SierraGolf5 Aug 1 2011, 5:22pm replied:

hrmmm, teh Aussies did have the L1 in 'Nam, 1 dumbasspoint for me

+1 vote   media: The Weapons
SierraGolf5 Jul 29 2011, 12:41pm replied:

XD, SK Commander: "Where are the Chines- oh nvrmind"

0 votes   media: PLA Vehicles
SierraGolf5 Jul 28 2011, 12:07pm says:

those models, is it wrong to NOT have a shrine?

+1 vote   member: Wladimir
SierraGolf5 Jul 28 2011, 9:06am replied:

thanks, btw i like all the countries where u guys are from, Romania is hilly, Ukraine is well, Ukraine, and Belgium is full of friets and chocolate (god, im hated already, thank the stereotypes song by YFM on youtube)

+3 votes   member: SierraGolf5
SierraGolf5 Jul 27 2011, 5:31am replied:


+1 vote   group: United Offensive Team
SierraGolf5 Jul 26 2011, 10:24am replied:

thanks guys, that means a million to me

+4 votes   member: SierraGolf5
SierraGolf5 Jul 20 2011, 9:09am says:

thats the size when i got the mod. were using mods until we get modellers. btw i have talked to vora_bat, he said i could use them, just give credit

0 votes   media: KPA Vehicles
SierraGolf5 Jul 19 2011, 2:50pm replied:

i believe the G3 and L1 didnt come out till the late 70s and the FAMAS F1 didnt come out until the 90s

+1 vote   media: The Weapons
SierraGolf5 Jul 19 2011, 2:22pm replied:

dear northerners, we dont like to be called yanks,

-the South

XD im messin around with ya

+2 votes   mod: United Offensive Cold war
SierraGolf5 Jul 15 2011, 7:19am replied:

lol agreed!! in this, apparently Japan and the RoK are the "Allies" and the DPRK and the PRoC are the "Axis", this is gonna be one hell of a fight!!!

+1 vote   media: JGSDF Soldier
SierraGolf5 Jul 12 2011, 7:53pm replied:

thanks!! took me a few hrs and abt 3 of those were how to learn to do it, im gonna release some Japanese Ground Self Defence Force units consisting of a JGSDF camo Stryker, and some JGSDF troops. Plus im working on some RoK, DPRK, and PLA Troops. Keep on the lookout

+1 vote   download: Modern Flag Addon 1
SierraGolf5 Jul 10 2011, 12:12am replied:

it could be the Chinese Army's Type 86 Artillery gun, god knows the Terrorists and their black market

+1 vote   media: Bring in the Heavy Artillery
SierraGolf5 Jul 5 2011, 9:49pm replied:

the BJ212? (other thing)

+1 vote   media: yong shi
SierraGolf5 Jun 30 2011, 2:17pm says:

this is a great model but i would also recommend to keep the UAZ model because the Chinese PLA uses them.

+1 vote   media: yong shi
SierraGolf5 Mar 9 2011, 6:51pm says:

i loved the area, hated the place, remembered from CS

+1 vote   media: Unreleased Screenshots
SierraGolf5 Feb 24 2011, 5:49am says:

get rid of the medic cross

+1 vote   media: us soldier(vietnam)
SierraGolf5 Jan 7 2011, 6:45pm says:

thats Alyosha Kovalyov (hoisting flag) and the original pic was edited bcuz the officer helping him up had 2 watches on suggesting he stole one from a german

+2 votes   media: ideas for the game
SierraGolf5 Oct 30 2010, 10:04pm says:

damn i cant take a pee without being shot at!!

+1 vote   media: Red Square and Winter Fortress Map
SierraGolf5 Oct 29 2010, 4:38am says:

you KNEEd to do something with those modern pistol holders and kneepads

+1 vote   media: Red Square HD MOD
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