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Shilano_TG Dec 10 2009, 11:28pm says:

I have applied, hopefully they will let me in on some of the action.

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Shilano_TG Nov 22 2009, 10:36pm says:

I think the best method is pictures with text. And for those moments where a picture isn't enough, a small video. That way the quality can be kept high without worrying about the video being huge in size.

+1 vote   poll: What type of tutorials do you find help you the best?
Shilano_TG Nov 14 2009, 2:07pm says:

After playing borderlands, It has me very interested to say the least.

+1 vote   poll: Will you be switching to UDK now (Unreal Dev Kit)?
Shilano_TG Aug 13 2009, 4:11pm replied:

There is a little leeway, you have to be quite quick for a few of them.

+2 votes   mod: Perfect Stride Continuum
Shilano_TG Aug 12 2009, 12:39pm replied:

I know what you mean, I did it a few times when I didn't want to. But that was when i was messing about going for insane speed and jumps. But I didn't really need that speed to collect the orbs and do the strides. But as he has stated up above, you can disable this.

+1 vote   mod: Perfect Stride Continuum
Shilano_TG Aug 11 2009, 9:10pm replied:

Yes, it's quite similiar to driving aids in a driving game.

+1 vote   mod: Perfect Stride Continuum
Shilano_TG Aug 10 2009, 8:12pm says:

I am working on a map, I hope to post it in the coming weeks. A little busy with work.

+1 vote   tutorial: Making Levels for Perfect Stride
Shilano_TG Aug 10 2009, 10:59am says:

moddb > all

+2 votes   media: Perfect Stride V2 Poster
Shilano_TG Aug 9 2009, 9:46pm says:

I have only played latest version. But you can still jump. Just click both mouse buttons at the same time.

+1 vote   mod: Perfect Stride Continuum
Shilano_TG Aug 9 2009, 11:37am says:

This is one of the best mods I've played in a long time. It's simple yet effective. I've tried jump maps and jump mods before. And I've always been a bit mediocre. But this makes the whole thing a little easier which makes it more enjoyable as even new people can pick it up pretty quickly.

It would be pretty good if you have like a multiplayer mode of horse (you could even have multiplayer on one machine), where somebody sets a jump and the other has to match it. If you match it you get to set the next one. If you don't match it you get a letter.

keep up the good work.

+1 vote   mod: Perfect Stride Continuum
Shilano_TG Mar 4 2009, 1:28am says:

I thought the whole thing about L4D from listenning to the in game commentary, was that the zombies were procedural and were not scripted. So I don't know if the L4D sdk will let you do that.

+1 vote   news: Another Chapter from dead Before Dawn
Shilano_TG Mar 3 2009, 10:44pm replied:

Have to agree, I can't believe a map pack won this. Don't get me wrong it looks good, but the others have had sooooo much work put into them, when I watched the video it was like a suckerpunch when I got to the end.

+1 vote   feature: 2008 Upcoming Mod of the Year Winners
Shilano_TG Feb 8 2008, 11:14pm replied:

Exactly the same.... If anybody knows the solution to the mysql_wrapper.dll error, please post a comment!

+1 vote   tutorial: Post-Process Shader
Shilano_TG Jan 24 2008, 9:25pm replied:

How can you say it sucks... Some of the maps on Cod 4 are the best I have seen, mostly down the the design, but thats because of the freedom they were given with the tools.

0 votes   news: Source SDK beta with Ep2 game code released
Shilano_TG Nov 28 2007, 12:06am says:

Man I remember seeing that page alot (not on this account obviously).

+2 votes   media: 2004 to 2006 - Mod DB v2.0
Shilano_TG Nov 27 2007, 11:21pm says:

I just signed up with this account and I cannot use the forums. It does not recognize my account. HELP :(

+1 vote   member: INtense!
Shilano_TG Nov 27 2007, 8:28pm says:

I have tried this, but when I run the bat file using the command line shadercompile.exe 'ecounters a problem'.

I thought this may be down to the latest sdk update seems to make the sdk orange box... So I had to use the engine ep1 fix. So I tried editing the batch file so that it went to bin/ep1/bin instead of bin. But this didn't help.

Any Ideas why shadercompile.exe keeps bombing out?

0 votes   tutorial: Post-Process Shader
Shilano_TG Nov 27 2007, 8:18pm says:

I think it is mainly because the idea behind the mod in the first place is over ambitious.

In 2005 I started a small mod, that was just for my own benefit to enhance my knowledge of Half Life 2. At the time I was at college, but then when I got a full time job I lost my motivation. I had less time, and I was at work on a computer programming, so when i cam home I did not have the energy to do any more for my little mod.

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