I'm very creative, so I can give some suggestions, but because I'm kinda young, I don't know how to really help, so I like giving away my ideas to the other people. I like to say what I think too, but I try to not be offensive.

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Northern Excursion

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If you like bf2142, and want to make your experience better, you must have this mod. In fact, this mod is a overhaul of bf2142 (in my point of view), why?, well here are the reasons:

1. Better textures: armors, vehicles, weapons, camouflage, adds some winterized effect to mostly all the things.

2. A third faction, with unique weapons and vehicles.

3. Better sounds: tired of those balloon-grenade-explosion?, well now they sound like an explosion, new weapon sounds.

4. Tired of shooting the enemy about 5 times with for example a LMG, and doesn't die!, well no more!, now bullets and weapons ARE deadly.

5. Want to have more fun in single player?, yup, that's possible, no more dumb bots.

6. If you leave your enemy with 10 or 20 hp left... well don't worry, he'll bleed out, that goes to you too!.

This mod is a great masterpiece, hope you guys like it as much as I do.
Give it a try, and wait for the final release, you know, a good way to support a mod like this is rating it and playing it with other people.

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