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Scourged_Wolf May 31 2011 says:


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Scourged_Wolf Jun 27 2009 says:

Also guys, just set up a basic forum for the game. This will continue to expand over the next couple of weeks, but there are some basic categories for everyone in case you have anything to say. Please, if you find any bugs, let us in know in there and we'll do everything we can to get fixed as quickly as possible. Enjoy the game guys, and I'll see you in the forums!

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Scourged_Wolf Jun 18 2009 replied:

Yes, the date stated above (26th June) is the final release date. We haven't actually postponed the release at all; the date is specified on ModDb as an 'estimated' release, so up until 2 days ago, the actual date was just up there to give everyone an idea of when to roughly expect it :)

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Scourged_Wolf May 7 2009 replied:

Very soon hopefully. We plan to have the first version of the game finished by tonight, so any 2.0 additions will be added within the next week or so :)

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Scourged_Wolf Apr 30 2009 replied:

Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments and feedback. For those of you concerned about the animations, please acknowledge that even at such a late stage, this is still a work in progress. With such a large quantity of work to achieve in such a short time frame, at the start of our project we decided to complete things at a necessary level, which we could then return to during our final few weeks and make it look even more impressive.

In addition, we are actually working on a revised version of the main character covered in fur, which is also more flexible for better animations. We will probably post a final update prior to release with another trailer, and a list of bugs/improvements which we have made.

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Scourged_Wolf Feb 19 2009 replied:

Thank you :) yes there are a few issues with things like some of the animation but as the title says, this is just the Alpha stage. A number of tweaks to characters, animations etc are scheduled for completion a little nearer to completion. It's just with the vast amount of work to get complete in such a short time, we have to prioritise certain aspects over others.

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Scourged_Wolf Nov 19 2008 says:

FMZ - Take My Mind

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Scourged_Wolf Nov 10 2008 says:

Yes, the overall project is targeted for completion by the start of May 2009, so there should be no problem making phase 3 (if you're refering to the 'make something Unreal' competition). We actually aim to be releasing a demo, and perhaps even a beta version early on in the new year, which ModDB members can play and provide feedback on. More will be announced on this in the next update :)

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Scourged_Wolf Oct 12 2008 says:

I agree completely with what your saying. One thing perhaps that hasn't been made clear enough is that whilst yes, we do boast the adult humour as a feature, there is still so much to this hamster based game. The concept, including the Backstory and Setting are designed so that the game could easily support itself with no adult humour whatsoever, and still be a great, enjoyable platformer. The humour is merely there to add more entertainment to the experience. Have a read through the Story Overview in 'Features' if you get the chance and see what you think.

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Scourged_Wolf Oct 11 2008 says:

I understand your concern about this, but when we say "foul mouthed language and other obscenities," we don't just mean we're going to be using foul language for the sake of it. All references to bad language will be seriously considered, using only what suits the context adequately for the maximum comedy value. Take Conker's Bad Fur Day or South Park for example. Our aim is to make this game as professional as any title you would see in stores, and as the script writer on this project, I can assure you that all Narrative will up to such standard.

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