Hi modders and gamers. My name is Santiago and I love Portal. I'm making a mod called "Portal: Next".

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I finally bought The Orange Box!

ScicoPax Blog 1 comment

Hi there people, this is ScicoPax.
I'm GLaD to say you that some people donate me some money and I finally bought The Orange Box!
But I had some problems when I create a mod on Source Engine 2009.
But I finally managed to create a mod on this engine (please don't ask me how I have done that).
I had put the Portal 2 Collab textures and sounds already, so tomorrow I will start porting
the first Testchamber (which is not finished yet) to the new textures.

Thanks for reading.

Portal Next Developer

Hi people, test post from Android

ScicoPax Blog 0 comments

Hi there people, this is my first blog entry. I'm writing this from my Android, Opera Mini because the native browser doesn't works very well with ModDB.

Testing Portal mods, well, yesterday I've downloaded "Thinking with Portals 2". Link. I haven't tested it yet.
Also, I want to download "The Projex". Link. The creator of this mod said that is more a reskin than a mod, but it looks very good to me.

Oh, I have bad news for the followers of my mod "Portal: Next". I had some awful problems with the first Test Chamber and I need to remake it. Sorry for that.
Good news, I think that the next Monday I will buy "The Orange Box". :D

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