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0 comments by Sandcrawler on Jun 18th, 2012

Xaphian is a friend of mine who started making Let's Play videos for Minecraft. He recently uploaded his Let's Play map onto a server and asked me to come play. At first I wasn't going to make my own Let's Play videos...but after a few days I changed my mind and started my own series of Minecraft videos.

Let's Play Minecraft:

This is episode three, episode two is here, and episode one.

Skyland Adventure:

We were messing around with a Skyland generator, then we decided that we wanted to make a multiplayer Let Play's. Every episode of Skyland Adventure both me and Xaphian will be playing, and talking on voice. This world is set to hard, and the skyland generator makes it harder to start with.

Let's Play Moonbreakers:

This is just going to be a one time video for Moonbreakers. An indie dog-fighting space game.

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0 comments by Sandcrawler on May 23rd, 2012

I participated in Mini Ludum Dare #34, with the theme of Aspect. We had to choose one of the aspect ratios listed, and make out game using it.

I went with the 1024 by 128 size, and created a sequel to Through The Blue Sea. You can learn more, and play it on my website.

There is also an online high score table that shows in game and on the website.

I Threw The Red

I Threw The Red
I Threw The Red
I Threw The Red
The game features two acts, with 10 endless ending levels. Just like Orion Dino Beatdown.

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0 comments by Sandcrawler on May 18th, 2012

Through the Blue Sea is a small abstract platformer game that I created for Ludum Dare 23.

I created a Time-lapse video, that shows the creation of the game. You can watch it here:

Through The Blue Sea Time-lapse Creation Video - Indie DB

There is also a Gameplay video, that shows me getting 100% on all five levels.

Through the Blue Sea Gameplay - Indie DB

Since Ludum Dare results are in, I have released a post-compo version of Through the Blue Sea, that adds a new scoring system, as well as fixes some issues. You can download the game here, as well as read more development blogs.

Through The Blue Sea Screenshots

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