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Sandcrawler May 24 2012 replied:

Indievania supports the Pay What you Want payment model. When you click to buy the game, it has some radio buttons to select a price, or you can type in your own. For it to even be worth selling the game you have to make at least $1 off or Paypal takes most of it.

On The Super Office Stress website a dice it rolled and you pay a random number from $1-$6.

Desura you have to set the price outright, so he set it to $3, the halfway point of buying it direct.

I find it comical that a number of people won't pay more than $1 for an indie game. You spend more than a dollar on a soda or coffee that you will be drinking for maybe thirty minutes.

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Sandcrawler Apr 10 2012 replied:

yea then taken to bryce and rendered with the landscape.

+1 vote   media: Ythmeven Wallpapers
Sandcrawler Jan 10 2012 says:

I posted an update to the progress on the All Around Games website, then go to the blog page to view it.

Basically the leaderboards is taking longer to implement correctly than I initially thought it would.

+2 votes   news: LD22, New Website, Beta 3
Sandcrawler Sep 12 2011 replied:

Yea, I was aware they were similar. The initial list was just my on the spots thoughts, after I have my initial thoughts I always take a few days to think them over, and address any of the issues.

While thinking them over I though it would be a good idea to bring in the color wheel some, and make use of Warm/Cool colors as a way of dividing different abilities and traits up. This was when I decided to have activated abilities, and passive traits.

I will probably be adding higher jump, as an additional new color, as well as an additional activated skill. I believe higher jump will feel different enough from double jump, with double jump you can change your direction midair, as well as some other cool direction changes. Higher jump would just make your jump height 50% higher.

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Sandcrawler Sep 7 2011 replied:

The player pellet/marker with no color selected.

+1 vote   media: Over 9000
Sandcrawler Sep 6 2011 replied:

My problem with that idea is that it would break the flow of the game. The other effects are ones that wouldn't be intrusive, you would still fall through the color. If you hovered while you were a color you wouldn't be able to go down. Or it would have to be activated.

I'm thinking that one of the colors should give you a dash ability, that you would be able to double tap A or D and dash a short distance in that direction. It would go well with the double jump ability.

That way two of them would be activated, and two would be inherent.

+1 vote   game: Untitled
Sandcrawler Sep 6 2011 replied:

No I hadn't, that is a good idea. I'll take a look at implementing a special effect for each of the colors.

My initial thoughts are
Red - faster movement speed
Blue - slower fall speed
Yellow - higher jump
Green - double jump

+1 vote   game: Untitled
Sandcrawler Sep 1 2011 says:

The music was made with Otomata.

Sure you can make a track, I actually have ten tracks (all Ototmata) that the game will play. Its better than what I can do in a Music creation software, but someone who works with music can create a much better tune I'm sure.

+1 vote   media: Untitled Gameplay #2
Sandcrawler Aug 28 2011 replied:

Thanks, I wanted to do something that was different, and in an Abstract Non-Objective way.

I tried your game the other day, and the graphic style of it was really cool. I think it could go along ways, good luck with it.

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Sandcrawler Sep 9 2010 replied:

Depends on how the author set it up, most you simply copy into your killing floor folder. Just check the readme file for instructions.

+2 votes   mod: Killing Floor Vehicle Mod
Sandcrawler Sep 6 2010 replied:

Yes, for sure on the Lawn Mower... make it a Zero Turner :D

+2 votes   mod: Killing Floor Vehicle Mod
Sandcrawler Sep 6 2010 replied:

While that's not a bad I think its outside of the viable story. The trader wouldn't be able to collect and stockpile every vehicle in a map.

Weapons spawn outside of the trader, on random spawn points. This mod uses the same sort of spawn points for vehicles. There is also a maximum amount of vehicles that can spawn, so you'll never find a vehicle down every alley.

+2 votes   mod: Killing Floor Vehicle Mod
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