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TWHL Tower

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The premise of The While Half Life Tower (TWHL Tower) is an interesting one. There is a tower block. You start at the ground floor, and have to work your way to the roof. In a way, it's kind of the reverse of the amazing (and difficult) Doom wad Going Down, which had you start on the roof and work downwards. One key difference here (aside from being Half Life instead of Doom) is that each floor in TWHL Tower is made by a different mapper.

As a result, the maps vary greatly in terms of theme and gameplay. One map might be combat focused, then the next might be a puzzle map. You never know. This also means the maps vary in quality and interest. For example, because I like action games, I really liked the combat maps, but cared less for the puzzle maps. Although even the ones that weren't really to my taste were still good.

Probably the main downside to the map pack is, unsurprisingly, the inconsistancy. Not just in quality or pace, but in rules. For example, in one map you can open drawers and in others you can't. It's not a big problem, and kind of expected in a pack like this.

Best map? Probably Status Reporting for reasons I won't spoil, but the genericlly titled Crystal Research Lab was probably my favourite in terms of action.

Worst map? Riddler's Complex. Jumping puzzles are frustrating in any FPS, but the small map size combined with Half Life's fast and floaty movement and instant death lasers doesn't help.

I also want to mention that I don't know what to make of some maps. There's a couple where all you do is walk around, collect a few items, and leave.

Overall, I liked TWHL Tower. It was a bit puzzle heavy for my taste, and the quality is hit and miss, but it was a fun little map pack.



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Aside from a couple of minor details, a great mod.

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