Final Year Electronic Engineering student at Stellenbosch university | Sci- fi fan with Star Wars and Mass Effect as my fav | Tactical FPS gamer | Dragon enthusiast | Wannabe concept artist | Moddb Star Wars RP history: Retired renowned scarred Jedi-Grand Master Fleet General (Try saying that 5 times fast!), having served in the the Army of Light and Galactic Alliance. Currently on vacation on Tython. Realization: The ideal follower is often the perfect leader. My signature: Rules are for those who can't help being arrogant.

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Master_Sab3r's Fleet

Master_Sab3r's Fleet

Oct 14, 2011 Star Wars Role-Playing Fleets 0 comments

My personal fleet under command of Admiral Felsem in my absence. My fleet almost always has the support of the GA's task force fleets. May the Force guide...

Ranks and Rules

Ranks and Rules

Aug 8, 2011 8 comments

This is a list of the player's ranks in the clan and some clan rules. These ranks are not set in stone.

The GN Creed

The GN Creed

Aug 8, 2011 0 comments

This is what the GN clan stands for. Follow this creed and you will be respected by all those that matter.

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