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RumpNissen Jul 21 2013 says:

I would be excited, if it wasn't Gearbox who announced this...

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RumpNissen Jan 6 2011 says:

wow, at first glance I thought this was some Russian nationalistic flick though at the very end it actually looks like the Swedes are winning anyways which changed my mind

awesome use of camera angles, cinematic as hell!

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RumpNissen May 23 2009 replied:

indeed but thats not all, most consider star trek vessels to be more technologically advanced. But thats not completetly true. In star trek most technology used has only been around for a few centuries, in star wars its been around and refined for 30.000 years.

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RumpNissen May 21 2009 says:

i have found another problem. i can't seem to start a new game without my faction to start with half or more of the tech tree already researched. guess this is the same as everyone else've been complaining about. and that exp 4 was supposed to fix

how can u undo that? i want to start from the beginning.

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RumpNissen May 20 2009 replied:

Never said that w7rc was bad, i really don't know. but if it's just like you described it then it might be really good. although i can't imagine theres nothing wrong with it. Micrososft will always struggle to control the consumer and i think they made this new os to further that struggle.

Superbob17 you think you could find the bug in exp 4? i must say your mod is great! i would like to play it in full.

And one thing more: the new jedi order is not what was put in power after the empire fell, it was the New Republic.

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RumpNissen May 19 2009 replied:

Windows 7 RC is still just in test stage so its probably not wise to run it there, there might be some compability problems and other issues.

Lol when windows is what it always has been (unstable) you choose to install and run a beta version of a redevelopment of VISTA? the antikrist of OS's.

Or maybe ur just being sarcastic I really don't know. sorry if i seem sarcastic or rude i don't mean to, the prospect just seemed a bit strange to me.

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RumpNissen May 19 2009 says:

Hello i have a problem when the game saves sometimes.
The game just crashes and says "out odf mem" or something, this happens at autosaves or ordinary saves and seemes to be connected to certain mod coontent such as templates and technology advances and the screen that shows a ladder of the best civs.

I cant imagine that my computer is too bad since i have 3 gb ram and a radeon 1870 1gb ddr5 and a dual core 3ghz amd processor.

i have all the expansions (1-4).

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RumpNissen Feb 18 2006 says:

Hi I'm just wondering what's the name of the music you're using in the menu

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