I am a composer/ music producer from The Netherlands. I am currently studying music and I hope to gain some experience. If you are interested in my work, contact me via email or check out my soundcloud.

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Hi guys!

I've finally released my new single called ''Drowning''! :)

I'm very happy to finally release this on the internet after three months of hard work. It was written to be part of the upcoming album ''Making Waves''.

I started writing this song about three months ago. At that time, it seemed like all the work was just piling up without pause which caused a kind of writer’s block. I decided to write about it in order to break the block. The lyrics of the song describe one’s ambition faltering due to the huge amount of effort it costs while feeling the pressure of time. A clear example of this can be heard in the second verse: ‘‘I let determination lose to every drop of water that overflows’’. Flooding water is a recurring theme in the song which is a metaphor for his situation.

The idea of water overflowing can be heard in the arrangement as well. There’s a distinct difference between the verses and the chorus. In the verse you’ll hear drops of water in the background and sounds which give you a sense of being underwater. Once the chorus kicks in, the song washes over you like a tidal wave. This effect is created by the sheer amount of instruments that can be heard, including a choir, electric guitar and a distorted taiko drum. By the time the final chorus starts, the song transposes to a higher key to further emphasize this effect. By then, the raindrops will have made way for a heavy thunderstorm, which symbolizes the pressure being too much.

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Lots of love, :)

Ronnie Scholtes
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Debut Album

RonnieScholtes Blog


Hi guys!

I've begun working on my first studio album. I'm very excited to be working on this as it is a project that is very dear to me. It will be an electronic pop album featuring catchy songs, both sung and produced by yours truly. I'm happy to be doing all the writing and composing myself, since it enables me to freely express my own vision.

The album will release begin 2014.

Much love,

Ronnie Scholtes

DOWNLOAD my single ''Bright Lights'' for FREE :)


My duo single bundle is out now!
I've been very busy defining my style, but my hard work has paid off if I do say so myself :)
I'll be working on an album next, so please stay tuned :)

On an side note, I've also picked up composing for Samurai Legends again. Expect a preview soon...

Hi guys,

The feedback for the Alchemilla demo, and its soundtrack of course, has been overwhelmingly positive! Thank you so much for your comments/downloads/plays and views! My Soundcloud profile is rarely visited so well as it has been these past two days. Never has a song of mine been downloaded as much as the Alchemilla Mod Main Theme, so thanks a lot! :)

I'm getting ready to release two new songs of mine, ''Big City'' & ''Bright Lights'', in the near future. I haven't set an exact date yet, but I plan to release these in about 3 weeks. Below is a preview video of ''Big City''.

Four tracks of the Alchemilla Mod Original Soundtrack have been released online. This sample has been made available for download in celebration of the recently released demo.

The sample contains four different tracks with four different moods. ''Genesis'' and ''Appeasement (Reprise)'' both feature in the demo. The main theme is also available, along with previously unheard Otherworld theme: ''Creations of the Mind'', which features heavily distorted sounds to depict the horrors of Silent Hill in a very disturbing way.

Ronnie Scholtes:
''As a composer enrolled in a music educational program, I wanted to gain more experience composing soundtracks for interesting projects. Being a huge Silent Hill fan myself, I was immediately drawn to Alchemilla Mod when I first stumbled upon it well over a year ago. I decided to contact Allien about the music and started composing soon thereafter.

I was already very familiar with Akira Yamaoka's work before I started working for White Noise. Since the goal of this project is to recapture the original Silent Hill atmosphere, I didn't want to influence the musical score too much with my own ideas. I feel like Daniel Licht (composer SH: Downpour) let his own style overshadow the Silent Hill atmosphere too much. I set out, not to imitate Yamaoka, but rather pay homage to the man. I combined elements of his works that spoke to me.''

The entire OST will feature 14 original pieces of music and will release along with the Alchemilla Mod's release.

Hi guys!

I found an English playthrough of the demo online!
I love how they captured the original SH atmosphere. I'll definitely be playing this when it comes out, somehow :P I still can't get the demo to work on my Macbook, but my inability is probably more to blame than the demo itself. :P That's why I'm a console gamer I guess... :P

Anyway, enjoy :)

Hi guys!

I haven't been able to play the demo for myself, because I can't get it to work on my Mac. I never play games on it, and today I once again found out why.

I did, however, come across a Youtube playthrough of the demo. Unfortunately, it was in Russian, but it was great to hear my music in the game nevertheless. From what I could tell, my music really fit the atmosphere, for which I'm really proud!

I do still plan on playing the demo myself, since I didn't understand the Russian text/story. Thankfully, I had nothing really spoiled.

The title screen features a piece of mine called ''Genesis''. You can hear it here:

Once the full game is released (no date is set yet), the entire OST (my compositions) will be made available for download. I'll update you guys by that time, of course. :)
Please let me know what you think of the demo and the music. I'm anxious to see your reactions.

Much love,

Ronnie Scholtes

Hi guys!

The Alchemilla Mod demo is out! It's a Silent Hill fangame, running on Source engine.

I personally haven't played it yet, I'm downloading as we speak, so I'll be sure to update you guys on my experience. :)
I've composed the soundtrack for it, so I'm excited to see (and hear) how the team's work has come together. This will be a first for me.

Anyway, make sure to check it out and leave your feedback at Alchemilla.

Much love,

Ronnie Scholtes

Hi guys!

So No More Robots is out!
It is kind of an experiment for me. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of sound I'd like for myself. I think both ''NMR'' and Android show what I stand for as a musician, but I also know that there's more to be explored in the future.

After I split up with Jeron I was both excited and frightened to start producing for myself, featuring myself as a vocalist. I came to the conclusion that emotionally, as well as musically, I needed to expose more of myself, and I still do. In my personal life, I've been more and more transparent in my feelings these last couple of months, so why hold back musically?

I decided that ''being one's self'' would be the centre theme for these two songs. No More Robots says this metaphorically, but very clearly. Android is more about my personal experience and the break with Jeron.

I hope you'll enjoy these two songs. Stay tuned, because more music is in the works!

Hi guys!

I have some news regarding my music. I'm no longer partnered with Jeron. After a lot of contemplating and discussion, I decided it was best to call it quits. We've made a wonderful EP, but I'm glad I get to work as a solo artist from now on.

I immediately started thinking of new concepts. I had no idea where to begin, so I put together a 128 tracks moodboard to inspire me. I listened to those tracks, and only those, for about two weeks. The more I listened to them, the more I got an idea of what my work should sound like. I believe that my music should align with my personality in order for the music to be honest. Honesty in music is very rare these days, but I wouldn't want my music to go without it.

So my new EP will be called No More Robots and it's already coming out July 13th of this year!
In the meantime, please enjoy this trailer previewing the title song.


Ronnie Scholtes