Completed my course at university for games design, currently learning about the UE4, modding Doom sometimes and mainly modelling in Blender, texturing in Gimp. Things I'm work on sometimes: Doom 1/2 compile project, Sonic fan-game (Just something random I'm working on), Survival horror game similar to Re 2/Dino Crisis 1/Clocktower. I'm considering making an original plat-former game, love making random 3d models also currently learning Piano, Guitar.

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The original date for beta testing for my project was 7.3.11 and its looking like that may involve just testing out the environment with a vehicle but it depends on how far I get between now, then.

Currently the dates of uploads may change due foreseen technical issues

Due to anything from collision issue's, etc... Also it seems I have fixed the collision issues, working 24/7 in getting a build for my presentation next week which will be exclusive to my campus only.

Undergoing further reason when I finish my hospital's basic build but if I have any further problems I'll post here, if anyone's got any idea's then P.M

Also all work is set to be set with personal goals that are very specific so there should be a steady progress every week but sometimes if I have a problems it may delay the blog update since I will wanting to be getting those fixed as soon as possible.Here's the link for my game that I'm working on.

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