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Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War

Early access mod review

Awesome mod. I've been a supporting this mod since before 2.0 was released, but only recently have been able to get it to download (stupid Mac). Anyways, by far the best mod out there. The graphics and detail are amazing, and who can't love the sheer firepower of an SSD? Ground battles actually have a strategic aspect to them now (no longer just spam AT-AT for victory); and bombing runs and OBs actually have much different uses now. The addition of the PA was truly a welcome sight as well, and the mod team did a great job in choosing what Clone Wars era vehicles and ships they would have.

Overall, the mod team has done a truly excellent job to create a well polished, balanced game with a close adherence to EU canon. They also have brilliantly created a faction from practically scratch, making them a unique and challenging faction in its own right. I highly recommend this mod to anyone who wants to play what FoC should have been like. Once you start, you'll never want to play anything else.

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