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RepublicCommando101 Sep 12 2014, 12:55am replied:

The Borg Progenitor titan is actually the Borg Command Ship in a fleet action queue on Star Trek Online. I believe the designation for the ship class is a Unimatrix followed by several numerical digits that escape me at present. So the ship is actually quite real (well, as real as things in sci-fi GET).

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RepublicCommando101 Sep 10 2014, 8:08pm replied:


+4 votes     media: Limping home
RepublicCommando101 Aug 25 2014, 3:27pm says:

UNSC Infinity. When you absolutely, positively gotta kill every motherf***er within a couple hundred klicks...accept no substitute.

+3 votes     media: [WIP] UNSC Infinity
RepublicCommando101 Jul 12 2014, 6:38pm says:

The chills, man, the chills...

+7 votes     article: The Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium
RepublicCommando101 Jul 12 2014, 4:26am says:

....When in Rome. *shrugs and beats up both Adrien and spartan11011 just because*

+14 votes     media: Delicious Screenshots
RepublicCommando101 Jul 8 2014, 12:58pm says:

Say what you want about the Bothans, but damn they make 'em pretty.

+2 votes     media: 1600 Watchers! - BAC
RepublicCommando101 Jun 27 2014, 2:31am replied:

Well, if anyone would know that, a Turian would.

....Well, that or an Asari.

+4 votes     media: Sisters
RepublicCommando101 Jun 20 2014, 8:51pm says:

She has a very thick, reinforced prow. Almost makes it appear as though she's a battering ram...

+2 votes     media: Hutet-class Day 2 render
RepublicCommando101 Jun 13 2014, 5:24pm replied:

Easy everyone, no need to go on a downvote-frenzy for no reason. Keim, Airaviper's comment was in jest. A reverse compliment sort of thing.

+1 vote     media: Romulan Tavara
RepublicCommando101 Jun 10 2014, 12:51pm says:

...I think I love you guys. Should the worship commence before or after release? Oh, and where should I place the altar?

In all seriousness, thank you guys for the amazing detail you put into your work.

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RepublicCommando101 May 28 2014, 4:09pm replied:

While that is true, we've never faced extinction as a species. I can see this happening out of sheer desperation.

+4 votes     media: Home Fleet
RepublicCommando101 May 1 2014, 5:44pm replied:

Except, perhaps, an Imperial Star Destroyer. Or a fleet of Star Destroyers.

+4 votes     media: Bring in the Gunboats
RepublicCommando101 Apr 18 2014, 11:09am says:

Her wing profile sort of suggests that she's a winged bird of prey, even though the rest of the ship looks like a fish...somehow I like it a lot.

+1 vote     media: Cardassian Legate Class
RepublicCommando101 Apr 18 2014, 11:08am says:

Whoa. Talk about unexpected line drives to left field! Congratulations to the mod team for the effort that they've put into the mod thus far and for implementing their first release.

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RepublicCommando101 Apr 5 2014, 11:57am replied:


+5 votes     media: Kulinor Class and Updated Janissary
RepublicCommando101 Mar 13 2014, 5:12pm replied:

Nope, I still see it, even in 1.0

+1 vote     mod: Star Trek: Armada 3
RepublicCommando101 Feb 28 2014, 7:19pm says:

Pure Cardassian subfactions, eh? Interesting.....

+4 votes     media: Cardassian Rasilak Frigate
RepublicCommando101 Jan 20 2014, 12:58pm replied:


+2 votes     mod: Sins of the Prophets
RepublicCommando101 Jan 7 2014, 8:03pm replied:

It looks great, except for when the station docking clamps release the Halcyon, I don't think in space that a ship would rock like that.

+2 votes     media: Legacy of Reach
RepublicCommando101 Dec 31 2013, 2:04am says:

Ahh...the sweet satisfaction that rewards patience...and the mod too, of course.

I eagerly look forward to playing this into the ground. Thanks in advance to the team and playtesters who made this possible!

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RepublicCommando101 Dec 28 2013, 8:13pm replied:

Ok. Thanks for the prompt reply.

+1 vote     mod: Star Trek: Armada 3
RepublicCommando101 Dec 28 2013, 7:30pm says:

Hey there. I have a question: Me and my friend love playing your mod, and its pretty great. But everytime we go to load a savegame, it tells us that our galaxy scenario files differ. Any reason for this?

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RepublicCommando101 Dec 25 2013, 10:32pm replied:

The ship in FoC is another class entirely. The Eclipse-class SSD was to be Emperor Palpatine's personal flagship and would have outclassed the Executor in all respects, but he died at Endor. The Eclipse actually appears in the Shadow Hand campaign of Thrawns Revenge.

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RepublicCommando101 Dec 24 2013, 2:24am says:

I've been observing this whole...discussion, as it were. I'm quite appalled at how fast it's all deteriorating into insults and accusations, but you have to admit, Moddb's relative silence on the matter doesn't exactly bolster confidence. I laud your apology Nuvendil, and can understand why you and others think that the SotP teams, and those of several other mods have expressed cutthroat discontent and do so only out of spite. That is not the case though. How much of SotP's success, alone, has been due to help from other developers? If we allow ourselves to accuse each other of such things, it only breeds more rancor, and begets more of the same.

Now, the awards ARE about celebrating the efforts our vast and wonderful community of modders. But what use is that, when these same awards are cast into doubt by unforthcoming practices? Transparency shouldn't be much of an issue, not when the trust of the community is at stake. Let us not forget that the community is where the value of this site comes from. If the community, as such, feels that trust is being abused, they have the right to raise objections and call for relevant information to be made available.

That does not mean however, that insults and accusations should be hurled from both aisles so quickly or callously. The anonymity of the Internet tends to give us a sense of 'security' or even invulnerability; as though there is a disconnect. We must be more responsible, and remember that we are all people here. People who often have put effort, and care into the product of our works. I hope this encourages all sides to be more mindful.

+8 votes     article: Best Upcoming Mod of 2013 Players Choice
RepublicCommando101 Dec 24 2013, 12:16am replied:

Avoiding them always works out ;)

But in all seriousness, the flood infects through the strikecraft mainly. So, have lots of AA, and make sure you have meatshields. If you're playing as UNSC, spam Shivas....a LOT of Shivas.

+1 vote     mod: Sins of the Prophets
RepublicCommando101 Dec 16 2013, 3:17am replied:

You won't long...believe me. *shudders*

+1 vote     download: Sins of the Prophets Rebellion ONLY Alpha
RepublicCommando101 Nov 2 2013, 10:58pm says:

Interesting design. Any clue as to what abilities it will have yet?

+9 votes     media: Cerberus Synth Super Capital
RepublicCommando101 Oct 11 2013, 7:36am replied:

How can one unleash what cannot be controlled? No, Kraken is a force of nature.

+4 votes     media: Mantle's Approach [Model WIP]
RepublicCommando101 Oct 8 2013, 9:06am says:

Heh, this is fantastic. Was this difficult to create?

+3 votes     media: MW Mod 4.0.2 - AIM-120 AMRAAM Launch Testing
RepublicCommando101 Sep 22 2013, 11:35pm says:

Ok, I've followed this mod on and off for a couple of years now and while current circumstances prevent me from actually playing it, I still enjoy the eye candy. I hope you'll permit to say this,(and if you don't, then I ask your forgiveness) what you have managed to create is astounding. It's like a dream come true for us military hardware fans and the few times I've been able play to the older versions make the vanilla game pale by comparison. If I ever manage to get a new computer that can run World in Conflict, you can bet I'll be grabbing this directly afterwards. Kudos to you guys!

+2 votes     mod: WIC: Modern Warfare Mod 4
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