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Razielim423 Dec 30 2013 replied:

Got it to work, seems to not want to in 64-bit mode. Doesn't matter much though, I'll just play in 32-bit.

+2 votes   mod: FCAM (FarCry Addon Mod)
Razielim423 Dec 28 2013 says:

I was wondering, how do I get the iron sights to work?

+2 votes   mod: FCAM (FarCry Addon Mod)
Razielim423 Jul 28 2013 says:

This seems like my year, an update for this, other favorite projects of mine heading into beta. I was sure this was dead. I am so happy right now!

+2 votes   media: Dialog system demonstration (WIP)
Razielim423 May 26 2013 replied:

And my Mouse! (for my computer is wonky)

+9 votes   news: 30k Signatures and Update
Razielim423 Apr 11 2013 says:

LMAO I love the e-mail at the bottom of the picture. The guys need to learn how to shoot it seems.

+4 votes   media: "Email about Test Subject #1"
Razielim423 Feb 18 2013 says:

Seeing that this is alive made my night!

+4 votes   news: Getting closer
Razielim423 Nov 10 2012 says:

Nice to see this. I've been waiting for news and am not disappointed!

+2 votes   news: GTA United 1.2 - Stage 1 – Bronze Status
Razielim423 Apr 12 2012 replied:

I was playing in free mode and it happened with almost every zombie. Both in and out of missions.

+1 vote   mod: Left 4 Theft: San Andreas
Razielim423 Apr 11 2012 says:

Loving the mod so far. I found a bug, not sure if you already know about it. When I aim at a zombie, it puts his hands up to surrender. Kind of funny but not very zombie like. Thanks for making this mod though, I'm having a blast.

+1 vote   mod: Left 4 Theft: San Andreas
Razielim423 Nov 4 2011 says:

You guys are awesome. Thanks!

+1 vote   news: Caution: Zombies at Work
Razielim423 Nov 2 2011 replied:

I don't know that one either. I'll google it though. This is the only source game I really wanted to play with others lol. Thanks!

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
Razielim423 Nov 2 2011 says:

Is there a certain port you have to forward for this game? Every time I make a server for friends none can join. I even tried with my firewall off real quick to check and its not that. Thanks for the patch by the way. If only game developers put half the effort you guys seemed to have put in.

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
Razielim423 Oct 19 2011 says:

You guys are awesome. Good luck.

+4 votes   news: “I miss the days when we didn’t take a hammer to bed”
Razielim423 Sep 16 2011 says:

Did you memorize the house in the movie?! This is awesome! I can't wait till it is released!

+1 vote   media: More Furniture Shed, And Goodies
Razielim423 Sep 4 2011 says:

Nothing like a cup of joe heated with force lightning.

+3 votes   media: ingame Photo
Razielim423 Aug 27 2011 says:

I torrent for only two reasons,and these are if there aren't any demos.

1)To just plain try out the game.
2)To make back-ups of game I already own.

My generally rule when trying a game out is if I can't stand it I don't buy it, if I can't stop playing then I force myself to delete the game off my hard-drive, back up my saves and purchase the game if I have the money or wait till I do have it.

+1 vote   news: How can we lower game piracy?
Razielim423 Aug 27 2011 replied:

I saw your post on the Bloodlines Revival forum. Thanks for showing everybody there this! I can't wait for this!

+2 votes   mod: Blood Omnicide
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