I from the United kingdom and am in year 11 of school. I have been interested in computers for about 10 years now. I started modding about 2 years ago when I had finished red alert 2 and was wondering if there was any way of changing the game. I found this site that that propelled me into doing some modelling. I mainly model for command and conquer but I am happy to try any game.

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randomperson Jan 1 2009, 11:05am says:

tbh I am not sure which one I like better

+1 vote   media: the old concept of the apocalypse tank in RA3
randomperson Sep 8 2008, 11:25am replied:

no we are very much alive and kicking

+1 vote   mod: Generals: British Forces
randomperson Aug 16 2008, 6:13am says:

It makes me want to cry from the beauty of it

+1 vote   media: Planet terrain.
randomperson Jul 24 2008, 4:36am says:

I really like this style

+1 vote   media: One last impression
randomperson Jul 22 2008, 2:10pm replied:

keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer

+1 vote   mod: Generals: British Forces
randomperson May 21 2008, 2:23pm replied:

ok, thanks for explaining

+2 votes   article: Community forums for you
randomperson May 21 2008, 12:34pm replied:

could you release code so that we can host our own forums on our own servers, the way forums like phpbb do it?

+1 vote   article: Community forums for you
randomperson May 11 2008, 2:24pm says:

The flash game is amazing!!! this is just another reason why I must buy the game

+2 votes   download: Portal: The Flash Version Mappack
randomperson Apr 20 2008, 6:18am says:

I like the hunt the mararge tank idea

+2 votes   media: RA2AR Alpha 4 Patch 1 Demonstration
randomperson Apr 18 2008, 3:10pm says:

need more!!!

+1 vote   media: Asylum - Teaser
randomperson Apr 7 2008, 7:19am says:

go RA2!

+6 votes   media: Russian Mig Bomber
randomperson Mar 17 2008, 3:12am says:

wow *picks jaw off ground*

+1 vote   media: Gattling APC for General Fai
randomperson Mar 14 2008, 9:46am says:

better to restructure than fail

+1 vote   article: Updates
randomperson Mar 13 2008, 5:02pm says:

I like the top half

+2 votes   media: Robot Tank
randomperson Mar 12 2008, 5:21pm says:

something fun, this is why there are lots of mods out there, peoples definitions of fun is different

+1 vote   article: What Makes a Good Mod?
randomperson Mar 9 2008, 3:51pm says:

well there is an awful lot more art in mods than some of the things that are called modern art, I mean an unmade bed?! I make one every morning, its not art it is life

+1 vote   article: Mods in a Gallery?
randomperson Mar 8 2008, 2:24am says:

I don't get it ...

+1 vote   media: From the Battlefield
randomperson Mar 8 2008, 2:23am says:

will they be squad based?

+1 vote   media: EDA Standard Infantry
randomperson Feb 29 2008, 2:10pm says:

I only started in V3 and I was wondering what it was like before this

+1 vote   article: Introducing the official Mod DB Blog
randomperson Feb 29 2008, 2:08pm says:

V3 was where it all began for me, I like it but the new features are a must have so I have to say V4 is the best

+4 votes   media: 2006 to 2007 - Mod DB v3
randomperson Feb 27 2008, 10:49am says:

it does look amazing, SORT OUT THE CODE!!!

+1 vote   media: UNSC Repair and Refit station
randomperson Feb 27 2008, 10:48am replied:

I haven't ever played mario but I have competed deux ex and it is amazing

+3 votes   download: Shifter v1.8.1
randomperson Feb 26 2008, 9:58am says:

well cool, this is probebly the best mod out there

+1 vote   download: C&C Retarded v2.8
randomperson Feb 24 2008, 5:10am replied:

they are releasing the full source code!?
Now I wish that I could run the game:(

+1 vote   download: Crysis Mod SDK v1.0
randomperson Feb 18 2008, 1:38pm replied:

that is what happand to the cnc mod for crysis, they even posted it on their website

+2 votes   poll: Should modders be allowed to use other peoples' intellectual property?
randomperson Feb 18 2008, 11:19am says:

I think that it is aright to use ip unless the company says no. For example there are a ton of different mods changing all the cnc games to other versions of cnc and EA actively encourages this (some are even fount page on their website) are you saying that this is wrong? But then there are people like Microsoft that told halogen to stop, they did and that is also right

+3 votes   poll: Should modders be allowed to use other peoples' intellectual property?
randomperson Feb 17 2008, 6:43am says:

the lack of ai is extramly important for me as I can't play over LAN and there is no one online

why did you bring back the generals units and not use the ones directerly from CNC3?

a CNC3 generals would be nice and more maps

good mod though

+1 vote   mod: Tower Defense
randomperson Feb 6 2008, 2:02pm replied:

I would have to totally disagree with your comment about cracking down, some companies openly acnolage the fact that people mod the game and don't care, I believe that they see it as free advertising as peole who don't know the ip will go out and buy it. The only people who I know that care about IP is Microsoft and they took about 3 years to get round to telling them

+1 vote   poll: What would you like to see more of on Mod DB?
randomperson Feb 3 2008, 3:43am says:

I think you should release a version like this as a joke

+1 vote   download: Wireframe Edition!
randomperson Jan 31 2008, 5:35pm says:

wow! I love it!

+1 vote   article: Rise of the Reds: Europe Joins the Fight!
randomperson Sep 17 2007, 4:52pm says:

wow! is this the model that will be in game?

+1 vote   media: The Titan HD
randomperson Jun 29 2007, 9:31am says:

I like the title

+1 vote   article: Good Things Come To Those Who Work…
randomperson Jun 24 2007, 4:18pm says:

how have you done this when everything is encoded?

+1 vote   download: Tiberium Wars - All Tech
randomperson Jun 24 2007, 1:14pm says:

I really like this, it makes using mods so much more fun because I don't have to reinstall each time I have a mod. A few points I would like to bring to your attention:
1. you can click the install button as many times as you like and it will queue the mod again.
2. when you install a mod the program stops working for a few seconds.
3. possible a way to make the pictures bigger in the browser?

these points are just icing on the cake for me and I can live without them if they are too hard. but overall I really love this and think it is an amazing improvement on modtoster. keep it up.

+2 votes   download: CrosuS -- Mod Distribution System
randomperson Feb 5 2007, 5:23pm says:

is this real or an ingame shot?

+1 vote   media: Swiss Inspired Cablecar Design
randomperson Feb 2 2007, 12:11pm says:

how do you keep the units looking amazing while still keepint the poly limits under control?

+1 vote   media: Saiphan Dagger - Render
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