I used to mod for JKII, JA, SWBF, and SWBF II. Formerly Majin Revan.

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RotE #5: Shadows and Flames (Version 1.0) Released!

Rise of the Empire

Map has been released: Make sure you read the README file. Don't expect anything great. In fact, keep your expectations low. I wanted to finish this...

Rise of the Empire Status

Rise of the Empire

Well, I will be leaving for college this Sunday. I plan on finishing RotE #5 this week, and then turning over everything to EraOfDesann. Be aware that...

Back In Action!

Rise of the Empire

Well, school is over now, and my very weird life has somehow been given more free time. So, back to mapping! I have updated the gallery with four new...

Rise of the Empire #4: Plains of Chaos (Version 1.0) Released!

Rise of the Empire

Yeah, go and get it right here: Enjoy, and read the README file. - PR-0927/Majin Revan

UT-AT Source Files Released!

Rise of the Empire 1 comment

The UT-AT Source Files have been released (after five tries)! Here is the link: Also, the second beta (private) was finished and distributed. I plan on...

Trailer Released!

Rise of the Empire

A trailer for Rise of the Empire #4: Plains of Chaos has been released. It was created by DooFi, the multi-talented massive contributor to this mod. Please...

It's In!

Rise of the Empire

This is the best update ever. I got it in game. Yes, it. It's there. The files are done. I even got sounds from SWRC for the engine noises (I just...

More Good News!

Rise of the Empire

UPDATE! Anyways, quoting Psych0fred: Reaper said: I got the turrets working, I just need to finish tweaking the big turret on top and then an alpha version...

Good News!

Rise of the Empire

I have news: Psych0fred has kindly agreed to look at the model and finish it off. In fact, he has already started and has predicted that he will finish...

Bad News!

Rise of the Empire

O.K., bad news. t551 doesn't know how to get the turrets working completely. So, I requested both Qdin and Psych0fred to help, whichever one helps...

UT-AT Update!

Rise of the Empire

Well, t551 has been working diligently on the UT-AT. He has rigged the turrets, converted the .3ds model to .xsi and then will convert it to .msh when...

t551's Back!

Rise of the Empire

Yeah, since t551 went on vacation, everyone was wondering where he was. He just returned two days ago, I believe. So, he is planning on porting DooFi's...

DooFi's Back!

Rise of the Empire

Yep, DooFi has miraculously returned from wherever he was. Apparently his Internet connection had been funny, and he was getting a new computer. His Internet...

Mod Construction Up and Running Again!

Rise of the Empire

Well, today was the last day of school for me before Winter Break. So, although I do have tons of other things to do (two huge homework assignments and...

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