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Game Review on Sep 2nd, 2012

Great job making Sauerbraten look a whole lot better. This is great because now I can play faster computer with awesome graphics vs cheaper computers with less graphics.

8 Review

Game Review on Aug 13th, 2012

Good Game. Needs native vehicles and bigger and better maps. Performance could be better too. Also warn that if memory isn't sufficient, VBO actually slows down the game rather than speed it up. I also hope more people start playing.
Also could use a story-based Campaign mode and wall runs and directional double jump (like Red Eclipse)

ALSO: PLEASE make the regular Desura version on Linux have HD textures like on Windows. You can get HD graphics on Linux but not through Desura.

ALSO ALSO: change the networking engine to Sauerbraten's engine, it wont hurt graphics cause you're just using the netoworking part and it'll reduce lag to almost none (except on extremely bad connections)

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