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Parkan Sep 2 2014, 3:09am says:

Tryed to play different version of Rebalance.And i cannot choose which version of mod is much stable?Version like 3.56,3.55,3.50 have so much thing that i cannot understand(some easy example why in SP Trent get few cool weapons on his first ship?it is not balance it is unbalance).

Now i playing a little with rebalance 3.40.pretty good start(no Overpowered weapons in starter ship,and normal ship at start).Yes 3.40 lacks many intresting ships(firebase ship pack and much other)but it seems it much pretty stable.

+1 vote   mod: MD's Freelancer Rebalance
Parkan May 1 2014, 1:50am says:

Не думаю что мод здесь долго проживет.Моды других языков отличающиейся от английского на этом сайте долго не живут,особенно по фрилу.Надо было изначально англофицировать а уже потом выкладывать.У англоговорящего комьюнити интерес к русским модам-мал.

alistair31494322 This mod was created for russian community,but even in russian community this mod looks not very good as you can expect.

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Parkan Apr 17 2014, 6:19pm replied:

When 2.0 of CF will be released,the 1.9 will be obsolete and will not get any updates?If it will be like this,can players mod this mod for their own descision?

0 votes   mod: Crossfire 2.0
Parkan Apr 17 2014, 4:22pm replied:

okey,so in new version of CF mod there will be a much more equipment stuff for ships(engines,generators,shiled and recharge capacitors and etc?)?

0 votes   mod: Crossfire 2.0
Parkan Apr 17 2014, 2:40pm says:

I may ask maybe a stupid question,but:When Crossfire 2.0 will be released can players of single-player to modify this mod by their hands without any problems?Few years passed since i played 1.9 version and i still remember that a Launcher of Crossfire 1.9 prevent any changes maded by player in ini files.I understand that is for anti-cheat,but can you made this anti-cheat for multiplayer version of game and not for single?

One more question:I am a fan of upgrading ships in freelancer with varius stuff like:generators,shield capacitors and other stuff like presented in other global mods.Is that stuff will be present in much more variety in newer version of Crossfire mod?I am asking this because playing 1.9 i found only few ships with such slots and no intresting items for them.

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Parkan Sep 24 2013, 8:55am replied:

Started Mp game,created player,choosed ship,then i got instanly moved to LPI in texas.When try to undock i instanly came back to it.WTF?I maded clean install of the mod and game and it jailed me=(

0 votes   mod: Freelancer: Shadow of Fear
Parkan Sep 24 2013, 7:26am replied:

i don't exatly remember who is autor of such ship pack,but i think autor is gone when lancersreactor site was shutdown for some time(i don't really remember what happened because it was long time ago)

Noob question:I play SP mode where i can find a Readme FAQ for SP mode about wingmen or AI additions?I can't find it.

0 votes   mod: Freelancer: Shadow of Fear
Parkan Sep 23 2013, 1:10pm says:

Is it possible to add FireBase ship pack to this mod by modders of this mod?Or you plan to add only new uniqe ships?

0 votes   mod: Freelancer: Shadow of Fear
Parkan May 30 2011, 12:19pm says:

so,when it will be release?

0 votes   mod: The North Quadrant v2.0
Parkan May 30 2011, 8:14am says:

is any progrees to fixing bugs and updating Rebalance mod ?The mod is very cool,but there so many bugs?glitches and some unbalance things-that made mod not very good =(
So,any updates?

0 votes   member: Tanjitsu
Parkan May 29 2011, 5:38pm says:

Where is the developers of this mod?Are they continue to fix this mod?or it will be unbalanced and bugged mod =(

0 votes   mod: MD's Freelancer Rebalance
Parkan May 29 2011, 5:34pm replied:

Maybe you not understand me correctly(pardon for my english).I mean is any chance to mod ANy ship with much more equipment in New version 1.9(like engines,powerplants,additional shield capacitors\energy capacitors\regenerators of shiled like in mod Rebalance\Nomand revenge or like in NightStalker Universe-where how i saw the developers just took those upgrades from Rebalance mod)i asking this because those features may made game much intresting.More equipment=more tactics and etc.
I think the lmitation like in 1.8.2 where ship has only 1 additional slot with upgrade-is very low....=(

+2 votes   mod: Crossfire 2.0
Parkan May 29 2011, 1:55pm says:

Hello to developers of the Crossfire mod.i have one question.Maybe i am asking very late(because how i understand the release of 1.9 will be very soon),but i have a question about additional equipment for ships.For example in Mod Rebalance(very buggy mod but has many additional equipment for ships like changeble engines,additional powerplants,shield recharges and etc and in rebalance mod all addons can be mount on every ship,but in crossfire 1.8.2 i saw only shield\power addons that can be mounted not on every ship).So my question:Is there any new additional equipment will be in 1.9 version or only in future mods?I think with those more customizations options will be much more fun =)

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