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Defender's Quest : Valley of the Forgotten

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Like Tower Defense? Like RPG's? Character visual customization? Proper spelling and grammar? This game has it all, and with no grind required. The creator is helpful and responsive, the gameplay is engaging and fun, and the characters are memorable and clever. Stages can be replayed at higher difficulties, with extra rewards, lending to replayability. This game is a must-have.


Dwarf Fortress

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This is truly a game amongst games. It is the wellspring from which inspiration for so many other cames poured forth, including the well-known Minecraft. There are even a few other games here on Desura wherein shades of DF may be found.

Gather your refugee band of dwarves (which you can just about custom-build as detailed as you please) and do all those cool things dwarves are traditionally known for - digging, mining, building, and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. The level of detail in the management of your personnel is staggering - there are dozens of skills influenced by a dozen more attributes, and individual personality quirks of each dwarf... which sometimes will really make a difference.

Furthermore, it's fair to say that this game - which is free - is actually three games in one. An epic solo RPG, (adventurer mode) a citybuilding simulation that dwarfs (har har) others of its class, (fortress mode) and then there's the beat-em-up version. (arena mode)

The graphics made it a little hard to get into, but that's why the Lazy Newb Pack includes some skins. I must say it helps matters tremendously.

Not a game for the faint of heart or the deficit of attention, but surely a must-play for the discriminating gamer. (Or those micromanager types, you know who you are!)



Game review

In a world where the staple food is strawberries and the staple food is strawberry wine, things are bound to be interesting. Any fan of Dwarf Fortress will also be able to appreciate this game.



Game review

The cons - Iffy graphics, very standard npc's.
The pros - Simple interface that is easy to pick up, addictive gameplay.
The game allows for fight, or flight, in most circumstances, rather than forcing you to play a certain way. The storyline is engaging enough to keep you wanting to find out what's going to happen next, even if it is a little predictable. Combine that with such a reasonable price, and it's hard to go wrong.

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