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Oneofthe8devilz Aug 15 2014, 2:22pm says:

Sweet ! Can't wait to try'em out...

+1 vote     member: Zombie13
Oneofthe8devilz Jul 19 2014, 3:20pm says:

Very interesting project... tracking

+3 votes     game: The (VR) Dungeon Survival Project
Oneofthe8devilz Jul 19 2014, 12:15pm says:

sweet ! thanks for releasing it :)

+2 votes     download: Nightmare Burrows
Oneofthe8devilz Jul 16 2014, 8:17am says:

Well you have my vote... :)

+2 votes     article: Executive Assault on Steam Greenlight
Oneofthe8devilz May 21 2014, 7:36am says:

Thanks for sharing the source code with the community so that we indie-devs are able to learn from it aswell... Nice move RuneStorm :)

+1 vote     download: Source code - v1.01
Oneofthe8devilz May 19 2014, 12:16pm replied:

You should try ""... but a reply might take a while as he is currently quite busy...

+1 vote     article: Doom3World
Oneofthe8devilz May 19 2014, 12:11pm says:

I think we really should consider creating a temporary/permanent D3W Forums replacement... it's a disgrace to leave the community without a communication platform for such an extended amount of time...

+1 vote     article: Doom3World
Oneofthe8devilz Apr 20 2014, 8:03am says:

Very nice ! Would love to see that in motion...

+6 votes     media: Execution
Oneofthe8devilz Apr 7 2014, 1:42pm says:

Very nice progress, looking forward for it to be released...

+2 votes     article: Executive Assault Gameplay video v0.60
Oneofthe8devilz Jan 25 2014, 1:35am replied:

Yes, once MCS reaches final release it will go open source.

+1 vote     article: Mars City Security WIP Update 12
Oneofthe8devilz Jan 8 2014, 12:41am replied:

It's called "Depth of Field", depending on where the camera is focused on...

+1 vote     media: MCS 2014 DemonWars / Campaign Screenshot 5
Oneofthe8devilz Jan 7 2014, 8:01pm replied:

Friendly AI that supports you is already implemented :)

+3 votes     mod: Mars City Security
Oneofthe8devilz Jun 7 2013, 10:09am says:

The concept of this project is brilliant. I am dreaming for years of such a rts/fps hybrid game-project. If you decide to offer DRM-free Listen/Dedicated server hosting for coop/adversarial multiplayer this will be an Instant-Buy for me :)

This project really deserves more attention... Keep up the good work.

+2 votes     game: Executive Assault
Oneofthe8devilz Jun 7 2013, 10:07am says:

Is it just you working on Industry ?

+1 vote     group: Hesketh games
Oneofthe8devilz Jun 6 2013, 11:41am says:

Co-op ftw ;)

+1 vote     media: Beta 0.81, cooperative stealth gameplay
Oneofthe8devilz Jun 2 2013, 10:35am says:

Now that's some relaxing music playing in the background, does it ship with the game ?

+2 votes     game: Survivor FPS
Oneofthe8devilz May 30 2013, 10:14am says:

The demo plays surprisingly well :) Is there a way to disable/increase the capture points system as it currently shortens the matchtime a bit too much for my taste ?

+1 vote     mod: CnC Post-War
Oneofthe8devilz May 13 2013, 6:15am says:

This is amazing !!! I always longed for a Wolf3d coop project... Do you guys consider to eventually implement full Doom1 style multiplayer so that people could connect and play together over LAN/internet ?

+1 vote     mod: SplitWolf
Oneofthe8devilz May 3 2013, 4:27am says:

Very very interesting...

Could you give some more info about the Co-op video ? Was it recorded Server or Clientside and how well is the netcode performing at high latency/jittered connections in terms of smooth animations and collision detection clientside ?

+2 votes     article: Son of Nor Video Update - Co-op Multiplayer
Oneofthe8devilz Apr 4 2013, 10:57am says:

Impressive... do you consider eventually blending tree/terrain shadows seamlessly with player/vehicle shadows ?

+1 vote     article: Video: REFUSION - The showcase of development status
Oneofthe8devilz Nov 27 2012, 1:38pm replied:

I am trying for years now to convince the author of OpenCoop "NiceMice" to release his latest (Opencoop 2.0) codebase. If you would like to see MCS running on that codebase, feel free to drop him a mail...

+2 votes     article: Mars City Security WIP Update 9
Oneofthe8devilz Nov 27 2012, 1:35pm replied:

That is exactly what we are trying to do ;)

+2 votes     article: Mars City Security WIP Update 9
Oneofthe8devilz Nov 6 2012, 6:15am says:

Now that's what I call maximizing the potential of the UDK. Amazing quality for an indie studio. This one deserved my first Greenlight vote... Loving the graphics, the game modes, multiplayer with AI and LAN support :)

+2 votes     game: Rooks Keep
Oneofthe8devilz May 31 2012, 10:58am says:

Just tried out the v0.1 release and I must say I am truly impressed. Combining so many current/next gen features it's clear to see the immense potential this project has. I particularly would be very interested in some development insides, like what methods and efforts were used to achieve many of the amazing things you already got going (like the character movement or the terraforming/building features for example). I am loving the unified realtime shading approach and if you guys really are able to carry all those things successfully over to adversarial AND cooperative multiplayer, (with a good netcode dealing smartly with difficult conditions such as high latency and packetloss) I see this having the potential of being more successful than Minecraft, Halo and Warcraft altogether. More power to you guys and thumbs up for sharing even the early release-builds with the community ;)

+3 votes     game: StarForge
Oneofthe8devilz Apr 3 2012, 1:39am says:

The story of this project and that of its creators is fascinating. I am very positively surprised about the quality of the game and the fact that your plan of outsourcing the development went so well. The risks involved by outsourcing the development as a private person always kept me from going that direction, but this is a nice, shining example of the benefits of this method, when things go according to plans. Keep the good work up guys, as you are inspiring people like me to try and go the same route. I hope you guys will add a properly implemented cooperative multiplayer mode to this game which should boost the sales on steam and desura and people will be able to play together through this Zombicalypse ;)

+4 votes     game: I Shall Remain
Oneofthe8devilz Mar 15 2012, 10:29am says:

Excellent ! Great move guys :) Downloading...

+4 votes     download: Ruiner & HardQore 2 Source Codes
Oneofthe8devilz Feb 7 2012, 12:51pm says:

Very nice Alpha. I think the concept is great as currently there are not many alternatives for third person coop medieval/fantasy games. Also thumbs up for giving us early insights in form of alpha releases. The color setting, lighting and choice of stone and lava textures in this "surival arena map" fits very nice and creates the right mood for that kind of game.

+3 votes     game: Siege of Inaolia
Oneofthe8devilz Mar 5 2011, 11:08am replied:

That's correct.

+1 vote     media: Building Thievious Process
Oneofthe8devilz Jul 28 2010, 4:33pm says:

Awesome work guys, you totally caught the battle atmophere that Cameron had in mind when he was shooting the T2:JD future battle scenes.

+2 votes     game: FPS Terminator
Oneofthe8devilz Aug 17 2009, 7:14pm replied:

Since this is a mod based on Doom3 ressources it requires you to have Doom3 installed and own a valid Doom3 cdkey in order to play online multiplayer...

+2 votes     download: 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket 1.00 all OS noninstaller
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