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☪MidnightWinter❄ Apr 10 2015 replied:

Yea I don't understand it either :/ I used the console to save that way too ta test if it worked an it still doesn't so meh..If anyone has any idea how to fix this you would be so awesome right now XD

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☪MidnightWinter❄ Apr 9 2015 says:

I've been having a weird issue, if I die or make a mistake even if I saved, I cannot load the save and just get booted back or menu. I love this mod, scaring the crap outta me so far, got as far as the Hellish Hospital till I fell through a hole and couldn't load any save as it said they weren't valid..I've had this issue with other mods as well but its alot more persistent, validating files doesn't work for HL2 and I have all the Source SDK's too...meh

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☪MidnightWinter❄ Mar 28 2013 says:


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☪MidnightWinter❄ Jan 11 2012 says:

Will there be any chance that you will be releasing sheet music for this because I want to play this and some other songs you have its just very well done keep up the good work guys :)

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☪MidnightWinter❄ Jun 28 2011 replied:

Mxthe will we ever get flashbacks on Jakes life like when he came home and discovered his wife dead and the police are there aswell as Frank in a cutscene?

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