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So this is the new project I'm working on.

It's a game all about Greek mythology, with a visual style based on traditional black-figure vases. It's early days so I'm still just building the core mechanics, but it's beginning to look like a game. I'll probably post some prototypes up for download here once it's a bit further along. If you can't wait the latest version can be found in the TIGS forum devlog.

What is up

ninjadodo Blog 0 comments

I'm working on a new project, but it's a bit early to create an IndieDB page for it. I should have something to show soon though.

Meanwhile I've wrapped up a small puzzle experiment I started a while back. It's so short I hesitate to call it a game, but I may expand on this later.

I continue to work on Guppy of course, it's been mainly miscellaneous fixing and tweaking lately. That and sound. I've done some experiments which I felt were a bit flat, so I won't release a new version just yet.

Stay tuned.


ninjadodo Blog 0 comments

So I'm trying out Indie DB and Desura and I like what I've seen so far. I created a profile for my game Guppy which I will be updating as it progresses (nearly there)... and I'll be sure to post anything new I come up with.

Although I must say the minimum 50 characters requirement for summaries (and 300 for blog posts) is a bit annoying. You end up just adding text for the sake of making the limit [like this].

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