My name is Mikkel, better know on the internet as Nilghai. I'm a game developer, and I have been working with game developing the last 4 years. I got my big focus on 3D graphic and 2D textures. I do 3D models for company commercials.

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My name is Mikkel Frid Nørgaard and I live in a small country called Denmark in Europe. My languages are English and Danish. I'm currently studying advanced English. I have been working with 3D- and 2D-art the last 5 years and I got a lot of experience working as a team, no matter the distance between the team members. I got experience working with following programs:

Technical software experience
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Dreamweaver
- Adobe Flash
- Adobe Photoshop
- Autodesk 3ds Max 
- Autodesk Maya  
- Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
- Autodesk XSI
- Crazy Bump
- Z-Brush

World Editors:
- UDK World Editor (UDK)
- Hammer Editor (Source SDK)
- Sandbox 2 (Cryengine)
- C4 World Editor (C4 Engine)

Graphic design skills
  3ds Max, Maya, XSI and Z-Brush:
 - Creating detalied high quality low-poly and high-poly models.
 - U
nwrapping both hard and organic geometry.
 - Material creating, both using mental ray and Vray.
 - Creating detaild textures, bumpmaps, specmaps and displacement maps using Adobe Photoshop and    Z-brush. (For these I'm working with a large size Wacom intuos 4 tablet) 
 - Rigging and skinning both high and low poly models.
 - Animating for both games and films.
 - Detailed renders, both using Mental ray and Vray.

   Photoshop, Crazy Bump, Z-Brush and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 
 - Detailed textures for both 3D models using unwraps and for mapping use to create a detailed              environment. 
 - Baking bumpmaps, specmaps and displacement maps.
 - Concept for both models and maps using a pen tablet.

   Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver 
 - Both static and dynamic website creation. See

   Adobe After Effects
 - Video editing.
 - Working with 3D and 2D objects.

Feel free to watch me! :)

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