I am misunderstood alot, and society intreagues me. Mad about C&C, the old ones. Other than that love having a good time XD

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I want to come back, I miss it all.

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I have spent the last 6 years studying under false pretenses and letting distractions get in the way of true creativity. As such I have moved on from academia to pursue the creation of my own company, but as a hobby I want to continue to create content for and continuously improve the C&C and OpenRA modding space. I have fresh ideas and the history to back it up. I also want to create and contribute to tools that have been years in the making but have yet to surface. Crazy, fulfilling and rewarding times are ahead, and I am excited and hungry. I guess now I have the maturity to actually see them through. Stay posted my good people as we arrive at a new age of modding and creativity.

Progression and phase 1 goals

Mortecha Blog 15 comments

Things have been going smoothly over the last couple of days.

Ok so the immediate goals at the moment to consider phase one complete are as follows:

- Model 1060's era themed units influenced but not exact copies of equivalent real life counterparts where applicable, not to constrain creativity of hypothetical vehicle designs of factions and technologies within an alternate 1960's universe. All while maintaining an acceptable and believable level of realism while not being too realistic that it impacts the level of enjoyment or ridiculously unrealistic that playing the game makes you feel stupider after you play it. Its all about balance while maintaining the all important escapist fun factor.

- Light Truck (for scouting and fighting infantry)
- APCs
- Light Tanks
- Medium Tanks
- Heavy Tanks
- Bomber (for select and target bomb runs)

For four factions.

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