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mololu Sep 2 2014, 3:45pm replied:

Glad you enjoyed it :) location graphics and visual content are in the works.

+1 vote   news: Hostiles
mololu Aug 4 2014, 7:20am replied:

Monsters. Or, to be more exact, genetically or technologically augmented humans that were created in a way deemed to be illegal. The distinction is rather arbitrary at times, usually due to political or racial motivation. There'll be news article that deals with the topic of abominations sooner or later.

+1 vote   media: Nitewood LAMP
mololu Aug 2 2014, 1:53pm replied:

It was concieved as a non-helixical drum shaped to allow the bolt to carry through the bottom of the magazine, stripping a round and loading the chamber. But it occurred to me that a coil accelerated fiream might not need a bolt. At any rate, it's a non helixical cylinder.

+1 vote   media: Ingame PDA
mololu Aug 2 2014, 1:49pm says:

Abominations and hostile humans.

+1 vote   media: Nitewood LAMP
mololu Jul 30 2014, 6:48am replied:

I agree; it's a hard concept to sell because it's a niche market - the rule of thumb I'd use is if you enjoy reading novels, you'll enjoy the game. Otherwise, probably not so much.

Still, there's no harm in trying to bring Scaffold 22 to a larger audience.

Also thanks for the suggestions. I really like the variable text idea and, yeah, painted art is planned. That said, I haven't looked into presentation, interface, etc. quite as much. Getting the plot down in its entirety is my priority. Once I know what has to be said, I can cut it down and play around with it to see what works.

Oh, and about about HTML, it's technically SugarCube based (which is a jquery/javascript framework built on Tiddly Wiki designed for interactive fiction) but it's rather obscure. Might be better to describe it as javascript-based.

+1 vote   news: An Introduction to Scaffold 22
mololu Jul 29 2014, 4:47am replied:

Whenever you like :)

The story is intended to be episodic, so you can play part I, keep the save file at the final screen, and continue on once part II is released, and so on.

the gameplay/story will be pretty much fleshed out for each release, though future updates will probably improve on issues with earlier releases as they become known (or I find better ways to solve problems).

I'll be writing up a launch announcement later today or tomorrow that explains the concept in a bit more detail.

+1 vote   game: Scaffold 22
mololu Jun 1 2014, 7:29pm says:

very sleek :) excellent work. like the added touch the dlc text :D made me giggle.

+2 votes   media: MER Game Launcher V2
mololu Jun 11 2013, 10:06am replied:

It does? Cool! Good to know :D I wasn't sure

+2 votes   mod: Path To Victory
mololu Jun 18 2012, 4:24am replied:

dunno to be honest. Maybe typewriters...

+2 votes   media: GPS Scrambler Station
mololu Jun 11 2012, 3:29am says:

I didn't realize it would be that... big. This is to scale, right?

+1 vote   media: Teaser.
mololu Jun 11 2012, 3:26am says:

So 50's b-rate sci-fi. Not sure that's a good thing but I, for one, like it.

+1 vote   media: Russian Shocktrooper
mololu Jun 11 2012, 3:23am says:

I love the magnet.

Can just hear the GLA dudes thinking: Ooh, let's build a big huge magnet which won't scramble our OWN computers in the process, now, will it?

+1 vote   media: GPS Scrambler Station
mololu Jun 7 2012, 10:25am replied:

Had to chuckle when I read this. Know the feeling all too well.

"What a year went by? But I only..."

Wish you all the best for the anticipated release ;)

+1 vote   mod: R.E.A.R.M. - The Unofficial Classic HW 2 Expansion
mololu Jun 7 2012, 7:05am replied:

I'd be hard pressed to give you an exact list. They ammount to:

- fixed some typos and in-game descriptions
- fixed missing build options
- re-wrote gamerule scripts so they no longer use random values (MP compatibility - in theory at least)

There may have been more changes I can't remember.

+1 vote   download: Path To Victory Alpha 7.1
mololu Jun 7 2012, 2:48am replied:


+3 votes   media: Final Release
mololu Jun 6 2012, 3:23pm says:

This looks pretty smooth, pouk. Didn't even see it at first. Excellent integration.

+1 vote   media: Small exercise
mololu Feb 28 2012, 8:44am says:

gla haz scarez xD

+2 votes   media: Teaser.
mololu Feb 10 2012, 12:16pm replied:

military storm

+1 vote   mod: Path To Victory
mololu Dec 8 2011, 8:26am replied:

I have an updated version sitting around which fixes a lot of minor issues. I can put it up if you guys want, just can't guarantee much support or that it will work.

+1 vote   mod: Path To Victory
mololu Dec 1 2011, 3:24am says:

bloody epic xD

+1 vote   media: New hangar door
mololu Oct 26 2011, 6:34am replied:

Oh okay, makes sense. Seems like the most elegant solution. I really like how it turned out!

+1 vote   media: Battlecruiser Drones
mololu Oct 26 2011, 3:20am says:

Cool xD curious how you got this working ;)

+1 vote   media: Battlecruiser Drones
mololu Oct 17 2011, 4:41am says:

Votes for EMP or area disabling on this thing. Some sort of EW system.

p.s. looks great =D

+1 vote   media: Nassar Probe
mololu Sep 29 2011, 4:15am replied:

This confuses me too. Does it really work in multiplayer oO

I believe I have a working multiplayer release which fixes all bugs related to desynch but I haven't been able to test it. I didn't think the current release worked.

+1 vote   mod: Path To Victory
mololu Sep 15 2011, 3:31am says:

Though tzeentch is my favorite, khorne's mentality is so much simpler to remember.

+1 vote   media: phylosofy of live... by the warhammer gods
mololu Sep 15 2011, 3:28am says:


+2 votes   media: Dual Wielding
mololu Sep 15 2011, 3:27am replied:

AI and balance was an issue I was supposed to solve once MP support was re-enabled. Never got that far though. None the less, thanks for the feedback.

+1 vote   download: Path to Victory Alpha 7
mololu Aug 24 2011, 8:35am replied:

I do. Pegman, who was making it, seems to have been overrun by other issues and I do not have the time. Sad, really.

+1 vote   mod: Path To Victory
mololu Aug 8 2011, 2:13am replied:

The sleep field makes everything nearby immune but virtually unable to move (can still HS) and the special attack EMPs one target for about 60 seconds.

+1 vote   mod: Path To Victory
mololu Aug 2 2011, 3:58pm replied:

looks like it was possible - fixed.

+1 vote   mod: Path To Victory
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