I like older games, most of which are fps's from the late 90s with the exception of Doom and and a few others. I also like the first two Fallouts. I do play some newer games though on steam.

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Black Mesa

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This is to cool for School.


Mission Improbable

Mod review

This is a great mod so im going to start off by telling all of the good thing. Ok so this mod is very pretty a great upgrade from the old visuals. Also the mapping is pretty much stong though out the mod. The enemy placement is good and it has some really cool parts and little things to notice like at the rebel base when you go in you see a man working on a bike and then later when you come out he has actually put new parts on the bike, i love little things like that. It has really fun gameplay like when you are in the lighthouse on the roof fighting and going on the little tram across the roof. Now on to the bad or liittle things i didnt like. First off i really like this mod these are just somethings i would like to be changed back for gameplay and other. The first thing i noticed is that the commander doesnt have subtitles and the part when you had to get the new battery was... well i didnt like it, i think these guys had a cool unique thing going with jack and i do realise it was a little hard to notice at first but when you do it was very fulfilling. But the one thing that i HATED was the part with the sniper rifle before the hunter battle its was just to hard to do without screwing up your health right before a hard battle in the first place, I dont mean to sound like a **** but please if i had one thing to say about this mod that is bad please change that sniper part back to the machine gun PLEASE. From after the part with the hunter battle its was still a good mod and i loved it thought (exept the sniper) i cant recommend this mod enough! Please Download it ASAP!



Mod review

This is a fanfastic mod, You can tell the devs put alot of time and effort into it just by playing the tutorial or looking at the menu, i mean they made a manual for this mod thats how much they care. Anyway the gameplay its really fun at some times a little bit clunky and some of the puzzles will leave you baffled but it is so fun to have john fight by your side along with the great voice acting. As for the story well its really good but it doesnt really mak much sense if you are one of those hardcore Half Life guys who knows the story line of them all but if you look at it from a alternate universe view its ****** awesome! Anyway im not going to spoil anything but this game has a great ending. Also this game has a great aray of Weapons, all with mele attacks and some alternate fire mods and other special things. The enemies in this game are great to but some like the houndeyes have sound issues and take a few tomany hits but pretty much all the other ones are great and there are a lot, Seriously i man it. And to top it off this mod is very long and you will really feel like have done something awesome. Also there is some replayability what with all of the PDA's to collect and everything. This is a really great mod and i recommend it alot, cant wait for the next parts!


Mesa - Fallback

Mod review

No More Room in Hell

Mod review


Mod review may contain spoilers

NOTE-This review was made before chapter 1 of this mod was released, most of theses bugs and glitches will be fixed by then.

STORY- The story of this mod so far is about a swat member named Jake Hawkfield hos wife is found dead under mysterious circumstances and jake is in deep depression and trying to find out what happend to her. DONT read this part if you havent beaten the mod yet. He is then called to help a hostage situation at a hospital when it esalates and it caeeies over to a mall and a parking lot where his friend Frank is shot down by a unknown soldier. Then you and the other swat raid the main building and soon after you are the only one left. Jake later find out that they have been making a gas, he is then captured and exposeed to the gas. When he wakes he is knocked out again. Jake is questioned in a building by a man and is then taken on a helicopter with many other people to a large facility leaving it on a clifhanger.

GUNPLAY- The gunplay of this mod is alot like the other mod called SMOD and large areas of smoke come into spots that have been shot or damaged. It is fun to see all of the environment get destroyed after the fights.

GORE- This mod has a great amount of gore in it like the bullet holes that fill your enimies, it is alot like the second Soldier Of Fortune Game Double Helix. You can shoot off limbs but it is completely randone which limb will stay or not. Also sometimes the stubs from the limb can be transeparent but these glitches are going to be fixed in chapter one.

LEVEL DESIGN- The level design is awesome having all of the locations like the mall the hospital and more. Again it is so fun shooting up the walls and props all around the maps and all. Also the AI seems to use the levels in a great way to fland you a use cover.

THE HOUSE- The house in the game is so scary i almost didnt want to finish all of the puzzles and clues in the house because of this with all the noises and scares.

REPLAYABILITY-GREAT srry not enough lettrs

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