This mod takes place during the Black Mesa incident. You take on the role of a HECU Marine as you fight your way through different sections of the facility and carry out varied missions. *This is not a rebuild of any game, but features areas from Half-life, Blue Shift & Opposing force in the Half-Life fashion.

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It's a really great mod, with lots of puzzles and etc. Problems are the very cheap situations and glitches, but then again they will be fixed later on.

Overall, I recommend it!

Another joyous romp through black mesa :D

I was a little deterred by the mixture of low-def textures and high-def textures, and I was disturbed by the fact that my allies killed unarmed scientists and barneys. I know I'm the HECU but I've grown so accustomed to hanging out with Barney and the science team it felt awkward passing them by when my friends butchered them :(

Still, I liked the gameplay and it was very fun for what it was :)

Something no Half-life fan should miss :3

Mesa - Fallback is what you get when great ideas meet limited skill/resources. Interesting puzzles, neat ideas and nice twists on HL1 era maps as well as brand new maps make this worth a play play. The level detail leaves a lot to be desired, with large and often empty maps that often contain rookie glitches and bugs. "Borrowed" assets from various sources keep the mod from having a constant art direction, but the mod is very fun.

Its great to play Some Half-life Related mods/games Again!


It's really fun but some of the maps got a bit confusing.

7/10. mod still has a few bugs. I even got stuck at map "op4c" because the next would just not load for some reason

I can appreciate what combine- was going for here and there are some laudable aspects to the mod but in the end it just comes across as a cheap, poorly-made riff on Opposing Force. And why the hell is Black Mesa full of HL2 rebels?

A mod that no HL1 fan should miss. The inspiration from Half-Life: Opposing Force is obvious, since you will fight as a HECU marine (and with plenty of teammates) for the whole mod. The typical mission will have you assaulting a location, usually defended by Black Mesa personnel, and clearing it out. One of the mod's flaws is mixing HD resources with HL1-era ones, but that didn't bother me very much. Absolutely recommended!

I always wanted to be hecumarine.

it was an ok mod, could have been better with some voice acting and graphics for some stuff... also dont like the fact that there are rebels and antlions in this could have just had blackmesa guards? oh well. not so bad though

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