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Misery55 Jun 24 2013 says:

This is very good so far, exactly my sort of game.

I did have a random crash at one point though. No actual error messages.

+1 vote   game: Retroverse
Misery55 Apr 8 2013 says:

Tried this out here today, and this looks like it's going to get really darn interesting.

For now though.... bugs. Bugs EVERYWHERE. As interesting as the game is, it's would appear that it's currently mostly unplayable. Simply too many crashes and errors and glitches and wierd crap. I know it's an alpha and all, but... still. It's SO buggy that right now, there's no point in attempting to mess with it too much. I've seen parts of the level go invisible (so you can see through to the caves), I've seen the camera randomly refuse to point in certain directions, the game will randomly sort of halt for a bit of time, there's abrupt crashes (and character XP resets every time the world is reloaded....), trying to use bombs I get sounds (including an explosion sound) but no actual bomb or blast (though randomly it'll do it right every now and then), arrows going right through things.... the list goes on. The bugs seem to multiply dramatically if it's played in full-screen. Note, this is being run on an extremely powerful machine.... there's no lack of processing power or ram or anything here.

The worst part about the bugs is that there's no rhyme or reason to them; they're VERY random. There's no specific thing that will cause them to go off, which makes it hard to deliver detailed feedback about what they're doing, so I dont have any info that might help you on that aspect.

Still, as the game updates I'll probably be messing with it alot, as this seems to have a ton of potential. What I did get to try before it went insane for the 10th time was pretty darn neat. This'll probably be pretty great once it's finished.

EDIT: I should point out, I did try experimenting with the options menu to try to halt some of the bugs; turning things off/on or lowering settings (or increasing them even). Didnt have any effect on the bugs though, or the crashing.

+1 vote   game: Vox
Misery55 Apr 7 2013 replied:

I agree with this. And honestly, I'm totally baffled by people that wont pick up a game because "ZOMG Minecraft ripoff!!!!11". I myself am a huuuuge fan of Minecraft. Logically, to me, this means that I'm probably going to LIKE other games that use some of Minecraft's concepts. Like Block Story, for example.... that game got bashed by some people for the same bloody stupid reason, but I grabbed it myself and honestly, it's very, very good.

And I dont understand why some others dont see things that way. Nobody freaks the heck out when the 10 zillionth Halo clone comes out, but someone makes even one game that has blocks/voxels/whatever and digging/building, and BAM, it gets covered in negative reviews because "too much like Minecraft". Sigh.

As this game goes.... I took one look at the trailer, and honestly, I did not watch the whole thing.... I saw half of it, and already it was an insta-buy for me. I look forward to trying it out later tonight and will eventually write up a FULL review, not just a blasted number.

+4 votes   game: Vox
Misery55 Dec 26 2012 says:

A few first impressions:

Controls are good once I got them set the way I want; everything moves very smoothly. And really, "smooth" could describe the whole game, as this seems very, very polished and high quality. Everything looks wonderful, and the mobs and such animate smoothly and look good. And that lighting engine is incredible. Seriously, the whole thing is very darned pretty.

The game is clearly inspired by Minecraft, yet even early on, doesnt quite PLAY like Minecraft. It's a shame to see people instantly dismissing this as an outright copy of that game, because it isnt. The crafting seems to work in the same way, and breaking/placing blocks is the same, but that's really it.... everything else is different.

I havent had much time with the game yet, but I'm already really liking this and it's looking like it's going to steal alot of my time! I'll put up a full review once I've learned the game a bit more.

I can already say, I'll probably buy the iOS version as well, after seeing a bit of the PC version.

+2 votes   game: Block Story
Misery55 Dec 26 2012 replied:

I agree with this. It's pretty stupid how Minecraft fanboys will just FLIP THE HECK OUT if they see another game that even so much as has blocks in it.

Yet nobody EVER complains about things like clones of Halo or Street Fighter or whatever. Anyone with half a brain that's spent any real time gaming should know that just because a game looks similar to and was inspired by another, doesnt mean it's a freaking COPY of it.

I'm going to pick this up myself as well, as I figure, I really love Minecraft, so I'm probably going to enjoy games that are inspired by it too! That seems to me like a much better way of viewing things, and I just dont get WHY so many have trouble with the concept.

I'll try to remember to post a proper review after I've had some time with the game.

+1 vote   game: Block Story
Misery55 Sep 30 2012 says:

Grabbed this earlier, gave it a good couple of hours.

Excellent, really is. I like the look of everything, very.... atmospheric, which does remind me of the older Metroid games, particularly the first one.

Even more impressive is the world generator though, THAT is amazing. Big, complicated, interesting areas fulla stuff. Enemies are challenging and have interesting patterns, as do the bosses. Though I note that bosses seem to get caught up on geometry at times, the third or fourth one I faced did that, and I was able to finish it by just standing and firing.

One small problem I noticed quickly: The missile and super-missile doors look way too similar to each other (on the map as well), one being green, and the other one being slightly brighter green. I'll often go to open one, and it turns out I need the OTHER missile type, thus I've wasted one.

Game runs well, though I did have one crash during a boss fight, twin boss fight, it crashed about 10 seconds after I entered that room.

Also, does the game generate more than just one save point? I've found only one so far, and it can be a pain running aaaaaallllll that way back to use it.

+2 votes   game: Gentrieve 2
Misery55 Sep 1 2012 says:

This game is seriously amazing. And very creative, there's quite alot of depth and interesting mechanics here. I've only just started, but I'm already enjoying the heck outta it. The ONE problem I had: the initial learning curve. The tutorial explains WHAT everything does, but doesnt explain much about how it all works together, if that makes sense. When I started the first level, I knew what my eventual goal was, but I wasnt sure just what I should be doing at the time to start moving towards it. Once I got the hang of it though... brilliant. I'll be playing this alot. Great graphics and music too, by the way! And I love that the levels are randomly generated instead of static, that always ups the replay value for me by quite alot. If you do a Kickstarter for a sequel later, I'll happily throw a blob of money at it.

+4 votes   game: A Nation of Wind
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