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Atonai Arcturus as he is commonly referred to was born to loving parents on the world Corellia, at a young age Atonai tried to follow the ways of his long lost brother, Jester, Atonai attempted to join the Republic Commandos and he did, proving his desire for battle in two major campaigns, unknowingly his brother had found out and was somewhat not impressed, the two meet and soon found themselves in an argument, a few punches were thrown and the two from then on took separate paths, Atonai grew quite ambicous and followed the ways of the bounty hunter, killing many he grew a reputation for his skill set, he even managed to take out key commanders in faction such as the Black Sun, becoming a distinguished bounty hunter he set out on his own journey travelling the Galaxy he found many that needed their lives ended, much like his brother, anyone he killed, he would make it quick and mostly painless, although soon he realised that his ambitions were starting to become quite obvious, he started work for the Corellian military and further understood how to use certain equipment and it’s uses, Atonai was one of the first to test out the Corellian ‘Inquisitor model star fighter’ distinguishing himself as a fighter pilot as well, although the fighter model was never mass produced.

“I decided it was time to go back to my old ways” –Atonai
After serving with the Corellian military for ten years Atonai decided it was time to pull out and go back to his old ways, being more experienced than ever Atonai started focusing more on high priority targets to get the extra credits in his account to fund for his equipment, Atonai knew he had to find his brother Jester and seek redemption for his past wrong doings, being a master of murder Atonai went to see is brother.

“What do you think you are doing here, brother?”-Jester to Atonai
The meeting went rather smooth considering their past quarrels with each other, Jester allowed him to join his ground forces on the strict condition that he listened to his brothers commander ‘Clutch’ Atonai helped win some of the battles when the Pentastar Alignment first started, Atonai now devotes himself to the Alignment and made a vow that he would protect it to his death and that he would never get on his brothers bad side again.

“I seek redemption brother, do you forgive me?”-Atonai to Jester
Atonai has quite a cheerful attitude but is a very serious man; he tracks his targets for day after day until he decides the time is right to silence them. Atonai has thought many time he may follow the path his brother took as a Grey Jedi after finding out he was force sensitive.

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Mein Group

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What is the Mein group? Idk tbh. But what I do know is that it is 101% Milos sexiness. Mein be trippin right? 420 blazin' it. U Fedora wearing scrubl0rd.

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Modern Combat Roleplay

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The world is poised for change, will you be a part of it or will you become a footnote in its history?

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Pentastar Alignment

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People of the Galaxy, it is on this day that I announce the birth of the Pentastar Alignment, this day is a glorious day for the people of the newly pronounced...

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Ever since the banana king conquered britain with a loaf of bread, that shock trooper armor in that pic is 100% mandalorian, meaning you either buy it from us or you don't have it at all. There are no other means to get it.

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Dude really?
well i'm not going to argue with a kid again.

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Minimunza Creator

Damm you guys gotta love these poems tho

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U asked for it:

Wit cunning and scheming Minimunza plotted to kill,
But alas, his friend Milos believed his wit to be nil.
With anger and frustration, Mini munched on some cabbage,
But discovered it had gone rotten when mixed with the baggage.

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus

The rotten food took great effect on poor, bewildered Mini,
It made his aching stomach let out a horse-like whinny,
His once-natural face turned a ghastly shade of green,
His toes and fingers began to shrink to the size of a bean.

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Shocked at his body's transformation,
He turned to his friends for consolation.
When they did nothing to give him hope,
He decided to request counsel from the Holy Pope.

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus

As his Holiness gave Mini words of advice,
Mini noticed his own hair was full of lice,
Excusing himself and backing away,
Mini ran off to wash his hair in the nearby bay.

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Once the lice were gone, Mini went for a swim,
But too late did he realize it was a foolish whim.
Poor Mini swam from a shark intent on a meal,
But the shark snatched him, and gobbled him up like veal.


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