Pentastar Alignment

People of the Galaxy, it is on this day that I announce the birth of the Pentastar Alignment, this day is a glorious day for the people of the newly pronounced Pentastar Alignment.

In no way will we act like the New Galactic Empire did, we will treat all beings with respect, not enslave them! The economy of the worlds under our banner will prosper and the people of them will be looked after, through pure hard work, with housing, medical care and defence. This Alignment will in no way be related the how the New Galactic Empire worked, I know I am a former Imperial and high ranking Sith, you may not believe I can do this, but trust me as I will do everything possible to look after the well being of our people.

Many have already been freed by our forces, and we will continue to free the worlds under our the New Galactic Empire, the last strongholds of the Sith are now being destroyed. Once we finish this we will then put into place what will be needed to look after our people.

Planets will not be turned into wastelands or sacked because they did something wrong, or burnt to a crisp by orbital bombardment for the sake of conquest, we will earn our victories by hard work and honor.
Police forces will be in use in a distinct uniform, their weaponry will not be as powerful as fully fledged military equipment and instead a degree lower, but still able to maintain control of and enforce the laws, Governors will be elected by the sectors and not by the heads of the Alignment.

I wish for this Alignment to Prosper as such this Pentastar Alignment will remain neutral in any coming war unless forced, as soon as we finish liberating the last of the strongholds the Sith have in our border lines, we will start our just rule of these sectors and let them prosper.

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