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Minimunza Apr 25 2013 says:

Thanks Ak ill speak to Josh

+1 vote   media: Where from here?
Minimunza Apr 25 2013 says:

These are some old Star Wars toys I had when I was younger I sold most of my collection and have a little left and I needed a picture for this so used them anyways. I'm hearing about a big reset me and Joshfromacouting where thinking about leading PA Jester thought it was ok and I was going to speak to ori bout it (me and Jest have been friends since we where 3) and in this rp I'm kinda lost without him same with Josh so if there is going to be a reset I don't want to stalk and annoy ori he's my father so I kinda have to lol .so is there anyone who's willing to take in us two if the rp reset and finish our training I also can partially teach grey Jedi to recruits but I need my light side and dark side competed Joshfromacounting needs some help with Darkside and I don't think my father can teach me those things so please right below if you can help and I will serve you and one day I may leave your faction but you will not be betrayed by me excuse my bad grammar and punctuation but I'm on my iPad so I can't be bothered and thanks guys I hold no grudges in this rp

+1 vote   media: Where from here?
Minimunza Apr 13 2013 says:

The african militia move in against the GLA forces they prepare the baby launchers they load them with babies and keep the GLA forces targted the african children grave there water pistols and prepare for war the 3 year old children get in there cars and prepare there 50cal rubber band guns the children begin planting cactus Africa is coming........

+1 vote   media: Rise Of Africa!
Minimunza Mar 29 2013 says:

I want my 2 cence we can name them after out father Beibs yea you know what im talking bout Ori get it mace?

+4 votes   media: Pets for teh kidz
Minimunza Mar 29 2013 says:

Sorry guys cant join you for the battle Ori said i can get a new pet so im going to Hoth so i can get me a Wampa and a tauntaun

+2 votes   media: War! And Chickens... (Zonama Sekot)
Minimunza Mar 21 2013 says:

Death Team and Arctus board the Vectors with Obitus and land on the Corana "why are we pulling out brother?" he speaks in his comms

+1 vote   media: War! And Chickens... (Zonama Sekot)
Minimunza Mar 19 2013 says:

OOC: Finnaly Some Action!
Arctus and death team prepare "Hailz grab a lot of ammunition we could be there a while says Arctus" "Flash ready to do some hacking?" Says Arctus "Yes Sir! replies Flash" "Cringe no one dies today" says Arctus "Got that sir! replies Cringe" They make there way towards the Vectors with the rest of the troops on the way he meet Comander Obitus "You ready for this Obitus?" says Arctus

+1 vote   media: War! And Chickens... (Zonama Sekot)
Minimunza Mar 17 2013 says:

Dibz Da Aussies

+2 votes   group: Modern Combat Roleplay
Minimunza Jan 21 2013 says:

Damm you guys gotta love these poems tho

+2 votes   member: Minimunza
Minimunza Jan 14 2013 says:

Someone please start a Kickstrater to get Ori internet or something like that!

+6 votes   media: Departure
Minimunza Jan 7 2013 says:

Lol Bravo Boys!

+4 votes   group: 501'st Imperial Fapcave
Minimunza Dec 22 2012 says:

Yes that's when I get his jokes lol

+2 votes   media: Ori'verda Demotivationals
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